Chris Matthews, Reince Priebus, & Racist Birther Jokes

I realize I haven’t said a word on this blog concerning Mitt Romney’s well-timed, yet not-so-funny racist Birther joke last week. At the time I was in no mood to take Romney to task. To tell you the truth, I had enough of the foolishness. Me being a black man who also happens to be an immigrant to this country, let’s just say that I’ve heard my share of Romney-esque jokes. You know, the type of “jokes” that are not offensive to the one who delivers it because, well, like Romney, he or she is much different from the target of said joke. Some of you won’t get it, but if you watch the following interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates, a Senior Editor at The Atlantic and author of “Fear of a Black President,” you too might get it.

The really sad thing about being made to feel like the “other,” is fighting to prove you’re not-so- different so you can be accepted. Seriously, you literally try to become just like the people refuse to see your humanity; and in doing so, you lose a piece of yourself, and your soul. And for what? Just so can fit in with the very folks who in their ignorance, have made you, the “other.”

So, instead of taking the time to say some really foul shit about Romney and his joke on this site. Like my man Oran “Juice” Jones, I chilled. That’s right, I just sat back and refused to continue losing a piece of me in attacking Romney. After all, it’s plain to see that at this stage him resorting to dog whistle racial politics says a lot about not only his character, but also that he is desperate and losing. But having said that, I must say that it was nice watching my man Chris Matthews take RNC Chairman Rience Priebus to the woodshed over Romney’s racist attacks like the aforementioned.