Bumdy Ramch and the Right Wimg Moochers

The right wing scum machine is claiming victory because the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has backed down and returned some cattle to Cliven (dumb fucking name) Bundy and his Nevada ranch. They have stopped the confiscation of his cattle that they started because he owes the federal government at least a million bucks in grazing fees. He hasn’t paid them over a period of time that spans back more than two decades.

The confiscation has stopped because armed rednecks showed up at the ranch once they heard Bundy’s cattle was being taken by a government headed by the black President. This is one reason the rednecks showed up. The other is bat crap craziness. Paranoia about the federal government “intrusion” into their lives. This is a sickness that no other country has to deal with. It’s a brain disease that only the USA has. Maybe it’s some version of mad cow disease.

I know why the feds backed down. I get it. They don’t want another “Waco” type incident, a bloodbath. The gun loonies and right wing scum (often but not always one and the same) are seeing it as a victory. They think this proves why the people need to own guns, because otherwise the government will “take their shit from em!” They truly believe the government is afraid of them. As though they would have any chance at survival if the government went full bore against them. This is where the true delusion kicks in.

It is also why I wish, oh I so wish the feds didn’t back down. If one poor black kid raises his hand to a policeman, or anybody with a gun, that black kid is probably going to end up dead. But a gang, a terrorist cell of white redneck trash show up with guns a blazin’ and nothing happens, they are given a pass. They shouldn’t be given a pass, they are thugs of the worst order, and the feds have every right to defend themselves against these sick individuals who need mental health care much more than a gun.

bundy-ranch-militia (1)These are also the same people who don’t give two shits if a poor family (black, white or otherwise) are evicted from their apartment. In fact they spit on the plight of the family man who just can’t make the high rent that the rich and greedy landlords charge. Yet, when it comes to a rich, greedy cattle rancher who just doesn’t want to pay his taxes to the federal government because he thinks the Constitution says he doesn’t have to, then they come in large numbers with weapons to back him up.

It was the hero of many of them, Ronald Reagan who instituted Executive Order 12548 (yes, he executed more Executive Orders than the black President!) which required fees to be paid to the federal government for grazing of domestic livestock. The first words in the order are “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.” This order was signed by Reagan in 1986.

So, Mr. Bundy is nothing more than a law breaker. A tax evader. A criminal. His excuses are just that, excuses. He doesn’t want to pay so he blames this, that and the other thing. It’s all just bullshit. He is just another privileged “owner” who thinks he can cheat and steal and mooch and not get caught. The people who came to that ranch with guns are domestic terrorists, nothing more. They are also criminals, law breakers.

The BLM was just doing their job and they were threatened with violence. The feds should have given these no good thugs what they really wanted. They should have thinned the herd in more ways than one.