Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Forced to be Kept on Life Support Against Family’s Wishes

The husband and relatives of a Texas woman is fighting the state to have her taken off life support. Texas law doesn’t allow any pregnant woman to be kept on life support. But, as her husband notes in the report, it is what his wife would have wanted. Currently, there are 12 states in the United States with such laws with the sole intent to protect the “life” of a fetus. The pregnant woman in this case, Marlise Munoz, was 14 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital after collapsing in her home in late November. It’s speculated that her death was the result of a blood clot travelling to her lungs. Marlise Nunoz’s husband, Erick Nunoz, and her relatives are all in agreement and are willing to saw goodbye. But, as is the case in Texas when it comes to pregnancies, a woman having the ability to make her own choices are a no-no. This from Amanda Marcotte at Slate:

Marlise Munoz and her husband are just the latest victims caught in the crossfire of abortion politics. Mandating that pregnant women stay on life support regardless of their wishes is a neat and easy way to establish the claim that the state has an interest in fetal life, even at the earliest stages, that overrides a pregnant woman’s basic human rights. After all, brain death during pregnancy is incredibly rare, making these laws more symbolic in nature than pragmatic. If your goal is to legally enshrine the notion that pregnant women are incubators first and humans second, keeping their bodies alive to grow babies long after their minds are gone is a perfect way to do it.   Of course, rare doesn’t mean impossible, as Marlise Munoz’s family is discovering. “All we want is to let her rest, to let her go to sleep,” Munoz’s father, Ernest Machado, told the Dallas Morning News. “What they’re doing serves no purpose.” The family reasonably fears that the loss of oxygen that was enough to destroy Marlise Munoz’s brain probably did serious damage to her fetus.   To make it worse, by going public with their story, Munoz’s family is being treated to a heavy dose of vicious anti-choice rhetoric. Erick Munoz has been the subject of ugly speculation online, with anti-choice commenters eagerly suggesting that he simply wants to “get rid” of his wife. The reality, however, is that by holding Marlise Munoz in this state, her family is not being allowed to lay her to rest and start the grieving process properly. Laws like this need to be overturned.

I’d love to hear your take on this story, especuiially since the story of 13-year-old Jahi McMath has been front and center nationally in recent weeks. Like Nunoz, McMath is also brain dead; however, unlike Nunoz, her family has fought to keep her on life support even though there’s no chance of her condition being reversed. Personally, I think the decision to keep someone on life support should be up to the immediate relative in cases like the aforementioned, even if the deceased is pregnant. In the case of Nunoz, though I’m no expert, but it’s hard for me to see the fetus developing normally if carried to term. Beyond medical speculation, however, Texas’ law and position sounds like too much government if you ask me. And as bad as health care is in Texas, one has to wonder who’s paying for her care? I could be wrong, but something tells me that Texas isn’t paying it. Watch the video below via WFAA: