Barack Obama: The Next American Idol Sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”

I’m pretty sure that when Barack broke out into his rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” up in Harlem last night, there was a Sister who thought about throwing her draws on the stage. What?!! The brotha plays basketball, takes care of his kids, AND he can sing? Hell yeah Barack gets my vote! The following clip has been the talk of the town and I must say that it’s a pleasant surprise. But of course I’m sure my right-wing buddies will find fault with this. Like Randy Jackson, they’d either say it was pitchy, or criticize him for moonlighting at night clubs trying to pick up white women. Obama did manage to raise $3 million last night at his Harlem fundraiser which is a good thing.

The irony of it, is that he was able to do this at the same time the GOP’s “Embrace The Hate” tour made it’s nationally televised stop in South Carolina. I must say that I’m kinda glad that he only sang the first line of the song as opposed to the entire thing, or maybe even the first verse. Lord knows if he did there would be a wild scene with granny panties being tossed onto the stage, and the Sandman having to whisk big girls away as the secret service guys panicked. At the end of the day, I’d say the subliminal was an excellent display of campaigning. Nothing like following up 2008’s Stevie Wonder campaign theme with a lil’ Al Green pitch to keep the romance alive. Gotta love president Obama; the brotha is by far the coolest man alive; at least for right now, that is. Yes, I’m pretty sure even Simon Cowell would approve; and hell, I’m not sure if he’s able to vote.