Bain Capital: The Hypocrisy of the “Vulture Capitalist” Defense

As a point of my continued competitive existence in the real world, I work for two people whose beliefs run counter to those of my own private life. My full time employment is under a passive-aggressive Mormon who could not do the job I am tasked to do if it came down to it. My part time is administrating a web forum under a neocon who I am at least able to be actively in disagreement with. Anyone who has access to my FaceBook can attest to the latter and just how much fun I have when doing it.

Anyway, one issue I have not visited is just how acceptable it has been for other conservatives/republicans to call Romney out for being what we all think he is, but now it is dirty pool for liberals/democrats/progressives to do so?

Watch me here…

Newt Gingrich said it months ago:

Rick Perry said it months ago:

Santorum said it months ago:

So if I am properly keeping score at home, it is fully acceptable to chide the Obama administration (or more directly, the organizations who are allowed to pay for ad space on their behalf) for mentioning the same things that Romney’s major opponents took him to task for in the primary?