Artur Davis (D-Al: A Democrat Donating To Republican Campaigns, & Supporting Racist Voter ID Laws?

By now I’m sure you folks know how I feel about those not-so-new but racist Voter ID laws; yep, no need to rehash that today. However, I do want to take a minute to show you how every brother ain’t a brother. Yes, I know, some people are of the opinion that all Black folks stick together. Also, I’m sure that some of you have heard that all Black Democrats are “brainwashed” according to Herman Cain. Well, here’s an opportunity for me to prove these notions to be incorrect, by introducing you to the shenanigans of Artur Davis. You see, Davis is a former Democratic Congressional Representative from the great racist state of Alabama. You know, the same state that brought us racist German Shepherds, Black folks being assaulted with water hoses, and recently, an immigration law so racist that it was recently struck down by the Feds?

Well, Alabama is one of many states who have introduced new Voter ID laws which are set to disenfranchise at least 5 million registered voters in 2012. Artur Davis, a Democrat  actually supports his states new Voter ID law. Now, contrary to today’s politics, it’s not uncommon to see Democrats and Republicans actually agree on certain issues. However, Davis being a Black man who lives in Alabama of all places, agreeing with this new law isn’t really a big deal to me. Sure it’s slave-catcher behavior, but hey. What does bother me, however, is that Artur Davis, a Democrat who served his state in Congress, is donating to Republicans; more specifically, he has been donating to the campaigns of Republicans. Yep, this from th4e Daily Caller:

Artur Davis’s new tune on voter ID laws isn’t his only recent right turn. According to third-quarter Federal Election Commission filings, Davis — a former Democratic congressman from Alabama, donated $500 in September to the campaign of Heather Wilson, New Mexico’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Davis also contributed to the Republican front-runner in the Mississippi governor’s race.

Asked by the The Daily Caller to explain the curious donations, Davis equivocated on his support for Mississippi gubernatorial hopeful Phil Bryant.

“I wrote a contribution to Phil Bryant in Mississippi,” he told TheDC. “I also wrote a contribution in the primary to Johnny Dupree, the Democrat who’s running.”

Davis told TheDC that his support for Wilson stems from what he saw of the New Mexico Republican candidate during their time in the House of Representatives.

“This check was not solicited,” he said. “I just happen to have been talking about Heather with a former colleague of ours, and that just inspired me to go online and make a contribution to her.”

“I served with Heather Wilson in Congress for, I think, four years. I have a lot of admiration for her as a person,” Davis told TheDC.

“I got to watch her in action, got to have a few conversations with her over a period of time, and found her to be a very thoughtful person. I found her to be someone who has an enormous amount of dignity, someone who I thought was a very positive and thoughtful force in the Republican Party.”

Wilson faces a tea party challenge from Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez, and her Washington, D.C. credentials have led some conservatives to question her grassroots bona fides.

“When she ran for Senate the first time in 2008 and lost in the primary, I recall that she was attacked for not being partisan enough,” Davis said. “I certainly have faced those kinds of attacks in my own party, so I had some sympathy for seeing her go through that exercise.”

Davis cautions that his financial support “doesn’t mean I think every vote she would cast in the Senate is the same vote I would cast if I was there. That’s not what the contribution was about. It’s about my admiration for Heather Wilson as a person, and as a political figure.”

Update: In an email to The Daily Caller, Davis clarified that he helped out Dupree in the Mississippi primary at the request of friends in Mississippi. He writes, “I looked at a comparison of the two nominees in the general and concluded Bryant would be a better prepared, more experienced Governor. In deference to that research, I wrote Bryant a $500 check.”

I dunno, he did donate to the Republican candidate running against a Tea party candidate. However, with Democrats like Davis, who needs Republican enemies, right? As bad as the democrats need to maintain the Senate, and take back the House next year. It’s really sad that a former Democratic congressman would do this. But like I said: every brother ain’t a brother. Unfortunately, some of them are comfortable as slave catchers