Democrats Release Party Platform Draft

The Democrats released the draft of the party platform this afternoon. Aren’t you excited to read it? Of course, you’re not. Nobody ever reads that document. I could be wrong, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who identifies as a left-winger whose vote hinged on what’s in the party platform. Nobody ever says,”Well, I usually vote for the Democrat for president, but I have to read the party platform before I fully decide who I’m going to vote for.” No, that never happens; and, it never will.

But hey, don’t tell that to Sen. Bernie Sanders; or, any of the many supporters he has that are still holding out. I suspect anything short of an unveiling of a 10ft. golden statue of Bernie at the convention in a few weeks, wouldn’t be good enough.You know, ’cause anything less just isn’t progressive enough, or to their liking.

After all, Democrats must appease Sanders because…

democrats-party-platformYou can head over to Mother Jones if you’re interested in reading the full draft of the document. Mind you, it’s simply the final draft and it’s non-binding until the final version is voted on in Orlando, Florida, by the Platform Committee. However, below is a summary of what’s in it.

The platform won’t be finalized until the Platform Committee meets in a week, followed by a vote at the party’s convention in Philadelphia, but it’s a good guidepost for what will make it into the final version. The proposal includes a host of liberal policy ideas, including raising the minimum wage to $15 nationwide; opposing an increase in the retirement age and cuts to Social Security; taxing top earners more to pay into the Social Security trust fund; equal pay for women; 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for all workers; and abolishing the death penalty.

Now, aren’t you excited?!!