How to Cover Black Protests in 10 Easy Steps

The first thing you need to do is find out what the protests are about. If it’s about a black man murdered by a white cop, try to subtly thuggify the victim. Dig up civil and criminal records if available. Find and display pictures that will make the public less sympathetic such as pictures of him in street wear holding what most people will interpret as gang signs when they actually aren’t. Then, try to scare the public a little by implying that a riot is imminent.

Second, wait until any protests begin while hinting that a riot will come.

Third, cover the protests objectively at first, also while hinting that a riot will come.

Fourth, there will likely be some rioting going on, mostly by outsiders. If so, focus your coverage on the violence most of the time. The public will interpret it as a massive riot if more coverage is given. While doing so, refer to the rioters as looters and thugs and make them the focus of your news coverage. That way, the public will assume the color of those people and will conclude those people are black so that negative stereotypes will arise.

Fifth, have on-the-ground reporters cover most of the violence as opposed to the actual peaceful movements that greatly outweigh the violence. Have them interview certain people, mostly leaders of the protests, and ask them the wrong questions to make them seem a little insane depending on their responses.

Sixth, never report on the why’s. The origins are not important in sensationalizing a protest for ratings gold. Also, never report on why certain protesters have become violent, especially if the cause is racism.

baltimore-riots-protest_1_640xSeven, and this is especially useful if you’re from a conservative media base, report any instances of black-on-white violence. If there are none, make them up. Use pictures if necessary. Cover those incidences, real or made-up, intensely as if it is a widespread epidemic. Have a ‘race war’ slant added to it.

Eight, report on any government actions such as sanctions and curfews to make it seem like the violence is out of control and that things will be in order even though more oppression will be implemented on the people.

Nine, never do the same if white people riot over a ballgame. Cast them in a more positive light. Never refer to them as ‘thugs’ or ‘animals’. And, above all else, make sure the story gets very little coverage. Make it seem that it doesn’t happen quite often and that it’s not as dangerous as when black people riot.

Ten, never, ever report on any positive moments during the protests. If need be, make it is one giant clusterfuck of nonsense and chaos that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Try to make black people seem like the bad guys when coverage the protests, and you will have the perfect mainstream news coverage that will further destroy race relations in America!