FOX News Celebrates Black History Month (Sorta)

Fox News is known as a racist-friendly source of news and information.

That said, it’s good to know that they’ve taken time to celebrate Black History Month.

This from Media Matters:

Fox News celebrated Black History Month with several five-second spots highlighting the accomplishments of African-Americans. The brief tributes in February stand in sharp contrast with Fox’s pattern of race-baiting and offensive rhetoric on race throughout the rest of year.

For this earth shattering gesture, we here at TIOMAR would like to call a truce — albeit temporary — to thank the fine folks Fox News. I’m not sure how their viewers would take to such a pleasantry, but we’d like to remind them that giving up 28 days of hate-driven racist programming that they have come to enjoy might be good for their health. Besides, still have 11 other months of the year tp masturbate while watching Rupert Murdoch’s white supremacist porn network.

After all, it isn’t like Malcolm X wasn’t a Republican.

Thank you for loving us black folks, Fox News…

You guys are awesome!