Byron Allen’s 20 Bilion Dollar Crusade vs. Time Warner & Comcast: I HAVE QUESTIONS

Byron Allen

This week news of Byron Allen’s 20 Billion dollar lawsuit finally started to leak out.This of course with very predictable results. Since the suit is against Time Warner/Comcast, the story will not see the light of day on mainstream media.

Sycophants, stans and assorted others who (likely) have some vested interest in the outcome have leaped to the defense of Rev. Al, the NAACP and the National Urban League – all named in the lawsuit.

A small few have employed the power of critical thinking and have questions for both sides borne out of the implicit seriousness at the crux of the lawsuit. Systematic discrimination against African American OWNED media companies.

Key word is owned. For those that are extra special a CEO does not OWN the company he is an EMPLOYEE. Some folks get that confused and think if the CEO is of African American descent, its MINORITY owned.

Kinda like the folks who thought the election of an African American President meant that this country is post racial.

I Have Questions

The issues involved in this case are too deep and too profound not to be brought to the forefront and openly discussed debated and ultimately resolved.

There are questions a plenty for both sides..

How MANY actually African American OWNED media companies exist?

How much does AT&T spend on its marketing budget on average per magazine account?

How much money did National Action Network receive as part of the MOU or since the merger with Comcast and NBC?

How much did/does the NAACP and the National Urban League receive ?

What is the membership comprised of in the National Association Of African American Media? What is the organizational structure?

If monies were given to these groups as part of a MOU how much was actually earmarked/utilized towards African American media companies and facilitating access to provide/produce programming?

Deeper Than Deep Throat

There are deeper areas of discussion on this and things that need to be talked about. These deals made with these “groups” where money and sponsor ships are exchanged – but nothing much changes. Where these groups and their peeps benefit but hardly anyone else does. this has been going on since reconstruction – when does it end?

Cronyism is bad in practice but even more egregious within communities that are already at a disadvantage because of the very same thing being done to them by those who hold the purse strings.

Most of the answers can be found easily enough. Probably would lead to more difficult questions that are harder to answer.

Best  place to start when so much money is at stake is exactly there – follow the money trail and while you do observe the responses. There’s that famous book that says something like “You will know them by their fruit”.

Follow the money trail, and use critical thinking….and if you can’t read with comprehension sit this one out.

There’s too much at stake…