Waco Texas Biker Gang Shooting and White Privilege

Apparently, Waco, Texas has experienced a deadly shooting. Again. Is that place cursed or something?

Due to the shooting, Waco, Texas is getting its fair share of attention at the moment. There was a recent melee of murder between two rival motorcycle gangs in Waco, Texas. The crazy part is that all of this happened today (May 17th, 2015). Yet, it seems so insane that there were 9 people dead because of it. Easily, things can go from 0-100 in Waco, Texas when it comes to murder and mayhem.

If anyone out there is short on memory, they have to go back to the last mass shooting that happened in Waco, Texas. We should all be aware of the madness between the Feds versus the Branch Davidians. And you are welcome for the reference.

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And by the way: the name of the restaurant the fight started at is Twin Peaks. I’m sorry, but this madness is so poetic that reality will always be stranger than fiction.

Waco Texas Biker Gang Shooting Part 1

As details emerge, there are some things to consider. For one, the statement “0-100” is exactly what happened:

According to police spokesperson Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, authorities were already at the scene when a gang fight broke out inside the Twin Peaks Restaurant at around 12:15 p.m. As the brawl spilled into the parking lot, the bikers reportedly escalated from “fists and feet to chains, clubs and knives, then to gunfire,” shooting at both rivals and police. [1]

Another thing that a lot of people keep mentioning is that it was between two motorcycle gangs. No, it wasn’t a crazed shooter that demonstrated our nation’s failing mental health approach. Nor was it the murder of a Black person for no apparent reason. This time around, it was a biker gang vs. a biker gang vs. the police.

Oh, and did I mention that these were white culprits? Again, the poetic inclinations are endless. Luckily (depending on your feelings for police), none of the officers were harmed.

Waco Texas Biker Gang Shooting Part 2

What is causing such an uproar on Twitter, Facebook, and within Black America has a whole is the fact that IF these were Black gangs members, there would be some “call to arms” for us to have a “come to Jesus moment” over black-on-black crime. Yet, it had to be two white biker gangs causing such a murderous hullabaloo that the comedy had commenced for the sake of enlightening entertainment. Also, many of us await that moment where people are actually going to have these media filled conversations about violent biker gangs. You know: the same way they want to exacerbate the issues of Black people.

Waco Texas Biker Gang Shooting Part 3

Fuck it: let us have a round table discussion on how to prevent this situation from happening from this moment forward. However, we KNOW that this won’t happen. Waco, Texas had a biker gang shooting that left NINE people dead and I bet my top Ben Franklinthat there won’t be much more than a peep coming from these news stations. Compared to the 25/366 coverage of situations involving everything plaguing Black America, I would be worried.

Now do we see how white privilege works? Now do we see why these people weren’t labeled “thugs”, “delinquents”, and “cracker white trash” yet? Of course we all do. In fact, I await the rebuttal about how Blacks do these type of things more than whites. So, white privilege is always best when it comes to those that don’t take responsibility and ownership of their bullshit.

waco texas biker gang shooting

Waco Texas Biker Gang Shooting – Undone

I could write a paragraph about my feelings on all this, but I won’t. In fact, I will leave you all with a tweet that summarizes my feelings: