Video of Boston Marathon Finish Line Bomb Explosion

There were two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon this afternoon. Reports are that there’re at least two people dead, at least 27 people severely injured, with hundreds more hurd. There’s no word on whether authorities have started rounding up brown-skinned people with funny-sounding names. But I suspect that at this time, all terrorists foreign and domestic are all suspects. My heart goes out to the friends and relatives of the victims. Hopefully there are no follow-up or copycat incidents; and, hopefully the individual(s) responsible is brought to justice in a timely manner.That said, checkout the following video via the Boston Globe that shows a close-up angle of the explosion(s) as they occurred in real-time. The irony of this is that today is in fact tax day, and as has been the case in recent years, it has been a day of protest against government. Which is very unfortunate because for Bostonians, today is what’s known as Patriot’s Day; a day of celebration and everything Boston.