Victor White III Died in Police Custody and His Family Needs Help #JusticeForVic

About a month ago I wrote about Victor White III dying in of the New Iberia, Louisiana sheriff’s department, Well, last week I had the opportunity to speak with Carol Lexing, who is the attorney representing the White family. We g=had a very interesting conversation wherein I learned more information about the case and the moments before Victor White III encountered the police. After an arrest for marijuana possession by Iberia Parish, Louisiana sheriff deputies, Victor White III allegedly shot himself in the back while handcuffed as he sat in the backseat of the police car.

Victor White III
Victor White III

In this episode of Madness & Reality Radio I spoke with the father of Victor White III, Pastor Victor White Sr. about the investigation into the suspicious death of his son. During our interview a few shocking pieces of information was revealed.


  • After being told that they could not be told how he died, Victor White III’s family found out that he allegedly shot himself in the back while in police custody via a Facebook status update posted by the very sheriff’s department.
  • Police allege that Victor White III was involved in a fight in a convenience store before making contact with the sheriff department. However, store surveillance video viewed by the family attorney shows no involvement by White.
  • Victor White III’s face appeared to be have signs of physical damage when viewed by his father. But, the last person to see him alive just before being placed in handcuffs — one of his friends who at the time was with White — said that he didn’t have as much as a scratch on his face. But yet, the sheriff’s department is saying that they found him that way.


As I mentioned before, there is an ongoing investigation into White’s death by the Louisiana State Police. However, because of suspicions of police misconduct, the father of Victor White III and his relatives and friends are raising funds in hopes of securing an independent autopsy report. To date, there has been no death certificate issued with an official cause of death, and this is where your help is needed. You can go to the online fundraiser here and donate what you can to help this family get to the bottom of what exactly happened to their loved one. (click here). One last thing, it’s not about how much you donate, but about the fact that you got involved to help this family in securing justice for Victor White III.

Listen to the interview below and please help, will you?

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