Victor White III Autopsy Report Reveals – Shot In Chest NOT Back

victor-white-iii-shoots-himself-in-the-back (1)Autopsy Report Released

I was contacted today by the father of Victor White III who wanted me to know that they had received the initial coroner’s report on the death of  his son. He indicated that there were inconsistencies within the initial report filed by the police vs. the report that the coroner has put out.  If you are a repeat visitor to this site you know that we interviewed Victor White III’s father on the Madness and Reality Radio Show  (this link takes you to the actual show).

After doing due diligence, I found that the Iberia Parish Coroner’s office only released one page of the autopsy report. The information included in this was enough to determine that contrary to the initial police report, Victor White III was shot in the chest and the bullet traveled through his lung and exited his armpit and cut his upper arm.

You can read the full report here courtesy of KATC news: Victor White Shot in the Chest NOT the Back 

For those of you unfamiliar with this case, the original story as told by the police was that Victor White was picked up by police  during a call to an altercation in the neighborhood and was allegedly found to be in possession of narcotics. HE was handcuffed and placed in the back of the sheriff’s car. At some point while in the car Victor White III somehow managed to get access to a gun, which he shot himself in the back with and killed himself.

This is the premise put forth by the police in their initial report. Only if you believe in unicorns and magic does this story make any kind of sense.

With folks upset and angry over the shooting of Michael Brown, there has been chatter by those who do not understand why everyone is  so bent out of shape. They can’t understand why this one person’s death is a cause for people to be upset but don’t understand what we in the black community have known for ever. Its not JUST Michael Brown(taking nothing at all from his tragic death),  this happens all too often in minority communities and we the minorities KNOW this to be true. AT some point you get tired of the abuse and voila’ you have Ferguson.

In the case of Victor White III  I am truly sincerely and heartily tired of cases where there isn’t even any effort to come up with an even remotely plausible excuse for someone’s death while in police custody.

I am tired of another family facing the tragic loss of their son – I am tired and I am mad as hell….

To coin a phrase: I am Tired Of This Shit……


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