Tacoma Man Kills Wife, Calls Local News Station

I’ve been married twice, and I’ve had a lot of girlfriends in my day. However, how a man can become angry enough to hit a woman, or even kill her, I’ll never know. This is why I’m thankful that congress finally got their shit together and re-authorized the Violence Against Women Act [PDF] after a year of wrangling because of Republicans. I’m not saying that said re-authorization would have saved the life of 42-year-old Sara Barrett of Tacoma, Washington. However, with domestic violence being as serious as colon cancer, maybe the funds said law provides to local authorities will be able to provide necessary resources to assist women attempting to leave abusive relationships; and, possibly even save their lives.

This from KOMO:

TACOMA, WASHINGTON – A man who called KOMO News to say he had killed his wife and wanted the message posted on Facebook was arrested Thursday after a high-speed chase, authorities said.

Sara Barrett, 42, was found dead from “homicidal violence” about 6 a.m. Thursday in a room in the Motel 6 at 1811 S 76th Street in Tacoma, said Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

Police began searching for the woman late Wednesday after her husband, Tony James Barrett, called KOMO News and said he had killed her.

KOMO News then immediately notified law enforcement authorities.

Deputies later found the woman’s car and impounded it at her workplace, a Pier 1 Imports distribution center in Dupont.

They found what they believed to be blood in the car.

sara-barrett-tony-barrett-murder[…] In his earlier phone call to KOMO News, the husband said he wanted a message put on Facebook: “I just killed my wife … I want you to put it on your Facebook.”

The man told the KOMO News assignment desk that he and his wife had been together for 28 years.

“It was supposed to be ’til death do us part, but she wouldn’t …. ” he said.

The man then would not say where his wife could be found, but said, “They’ll find her tonight or by tomorrow.”

The assignment desk asked the caller if there was someone we could notify, and he said “No, I’m not going to be here much longer.”

When the assignment desk asked if they could contact police, he disconnected.

The Tacoma School District confirmed Thursday that Tony Barrett works for the district as a warehouse specialist, delivering products to Tacoma schools. He has worked for the district since July 2001, officials said.

Family members said they were shocked by the killing.

[…] Court records show that Tony Barrett also was charged with attacking his wife for unexplained reasons in 2007, holding a pillow over her face until she nearly suffocated.

The couple’s grown son broke down the bedroom door and stopped the attack, and Tony Barrett fled from the home when he learned police were on the way.

He later pleaded guilty to third-degree assault for that attack, serving one day in jail and two years under Department of Corrections supervision.

He was ordered not to have any “hostile contact” with Sara Barrett for five years. That order expired three weeks ago on Feb. 25.

Watch the video:

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