PA. Prison Guards Arrested for Running Inmate Fight Club

With 2.3 million people incarcerated in the U.S. does this shock you?

Because being a prison guard can be monotonous and boring — aside from the occasional riot or scuffle. Prison Guards are sadly dauted with the task of finding a source of entertainment for themselves when not participating in prison corruption, by making money on the side from the promotion of contraband. So, as result, because absolute power corrupts absolutely, apparently this happened in Pennsylvania:

State police say the events all happened in the south block of York County prison, under the organization of corrections officers David Whitcomb, Mark Haynes and Daniel Graff.

[…] The inmates reported the corrections officers would organize fights between the two inmates and also fight them in closets themselves.

Both inmates told investigators they had been punched repeatedly to the point they went numb in their arms and legs, and the fights sometimes involved being choked.

The reports also said one of the inmates also told police about what they had dubbed “retard Olympics.”

CA01703Hicks described it as “try(ing) to drink a gallon of milk in an hour, trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, eat fruit with the peels left on, drink water that had pepper foam in it, snort crushed up candy, snorts spicy vegetable powder.”

Whitcomb has been in the headlines before. In March 2013, he was shot during an argument at a York County pizza bar. The man accused of shooting him in the hip was a former inmate in Whitcomb’s block.

At the time, while recovering in the hospital, Whitcomb told York newspaperThe Daily Record, “I’m not a trouble-starter,” and of the inmates he said, “I treat them like people. … As long as you’re firm, fair and consistent in what you do, you have an easy work day.”

According to the Patriot-News, the three men are charged with official oppression. Prison officials say they are currently on unpaid administrative leave. (Source: WDAM)

Watch the video below: