Mamadou Diallo Charges Should Be Dropped

Mamadou Diallo had to deal with one of the worst things that could ever happen. And one of those things is the intentional harm of a loved one. And not just any type of bodily harm: I am talking about rape. That’s right. Someone tried to rape this man’s wife. And he reacted like anybody would have done in his position.

Here is more of the story:

NEW YORK – A man was arrested after police say he attacked his wife’s would be rapist and he beat him to death, PIX11 reports.

Police responded to a call about assault and attempted rape at an apartment building in theBronx on Monday evening around 10:16 p.m.

A 51-year-old woman told police she was in her apartment when a man forced his way inside, struck her, ripped off her clothing, and attempted to rape her.

The woman screamed and fought him off, and she called her husband Mamadou Diallo, 61, who was outside of the apartment at the time.

Diallo rushed to her aid and came into contact with her attempted rapist Earl D. Nash, 43, on the sixth floor. Diallo punched Nash several times.

When police arrived, Nash was on the ground suffering from severe head and body trauma. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. [1]

Okay, so let me break this all the way down as only I can. Mamadou Diallo was called by his wife. Her voice is frantically shaken. She tells him that she had been sexually assaulted. Diallo runs to make sure his wife is okay. He ends up finding the assailant and makes him catch a couple of fades for good measure (fade = fisticuffs). And now this man, Mamadou Diallo, is arrested on manslaughter charges? Yeah, I find it horrendous myself.

Mamadou Diallo Should Be Set Free

Now that most of the bases have been covered, it should be noted that Mamadou Diallo shouldn’t be in anyone’s jail cell. For one, he was protecting his WIFE and tending to her safety. The second reason is that this man was trying to rape his wife. Plus, it probably wasn’t his intent to beat the man to death. And if it was, then it was heavily justified; and that justification is why Diallo needs to be released.

Mamadou-Diallo_1_650xWhat I found entertaining, more than anything, is that people felt that he should be jailed because the man was killed. However, I’m not sure they took the time to realistically size up the situation. Put yourself in his shoes: Mamadou Diallo was responding to someone trying to sexually accost a loved one. The rapist (with a rap sheet as long as James Harden’s beard), is caught up by Diallo. The first thing any person is going to do is apprehend him. Judging that this was a grown ass man, you would probably give him a couple of punches or rough him up to subdue him. At the end of the day, who are we to actually say we wouldn’t do something in the heat of the moment?

Mamadou Diallo Epilogue

This is a classic A Time To Kill situation: Mamadou Diallo is your regular Carl Lee Haley. And just like Carl Lee, Diallo should be let go. Manslaughter charges should not be brought up against someone protecting their loved one from a criminal. All of this just adds a blemish to the justice system. How can there be justice when there isn’t any real protection for those that are trying to do what’s right and justified?