Have you noticed that white on white crime is rarely mentioned in the lexicon of nationwide epidemics? I understand that “black on black crime” is always the hot topic whenever a black person is wrongfully killed and people demand justice. But why isn’t the same said for white on white crime? I know that Black people make up such a small part of the population and do have some “interesting” criminal issues. Still, there is rarely an uproar over the propensity of the existence of white on white crime.

I think we should change things. I think that we should take on the severe struggle that is white on white crime!

White On White Crime By the Numbers

If anyone is confused as to why I am referencing white on white crime, then give me a chance to make sense of it all. US Census Bureau informative notes that, out of the roughly 11 million crimes committed back in 2009, 7 million of those are by whites and 3 million by Black people [1]. This is something that needs to be discussed! Also, whites lead blacks by the number if those numbers were broken down by categories (except for murder where there were 60 more than whites) [2]. Thus, we should all understand why I am mentioning white on white crime: it is a problem!

white on white crime 1

Wait, that isn’t convincing enough? Okay, then. I guess I need to try harder.

Murder, among whites, is an issue that tends to have some relevance over age spans. While blacks tend to have more murder victims than whites in the age range of 17-34, whites have more murder victims between the ages of infancy through 12 years old and 40 -75+ years of age [3]. To think how the number of those victims, compared to black people, lacks proportion is alarming. In fact, once the age of 55 and over is reached, there will more than likely be a white murder victim than a black one [4]. So, murder should be considered a problem in the white community!

White On White Crime By the Societal Impact

Alas, my hope for covering the issue of white on white crime is a pipe dream. Let’s face it: nobody cares! Don’t we all know that vilifying the African American community makes for better headlines? It makes much more propaganda-infused sense to actually make African Americans look like uncouth heathens that can’t keep themselves from being genetically disposed to killing each other off. In turn, why mention white on white crime when black on black crime fits the bill more effectively?

white on white crime 2

Also, we have to understand that mentioning black on black crime is “much more important” than mentioning white on white crime. Although there weren’t many Black gangs making the list of those that “keep the police up at night”, it is the black on black crime that is going to keep America up at night. Heaven forbid that those same black gangsters move into predominantly white neighborhoods and bring their anarchy and ghetto foolishness with it. And we all know that the pressure of our “Daquans” dating those “Beckies” out there will make people remiss to even cover race relations. So, who wants to deal with such foolishness?

White on White Crime Finale

Still, I hope and pray that white on white crime, as the epidemic it is, finds a way to be fixed. While it may not catch headlines and conversation as black on black crime, it is still a problem. I don’t want any more whites dying by the hands of white people no more than I want my own people dying by black hands. What I want is less murders in this world. In fact, I want it where white on white crime and black on black crime aren’t even mentioned as epidemics and issues.

A man can have a dream, eh?

[Side note: this post was written with a lot of sarcasm, satire, and fact finding. Please realize where the jokes lie and where they don’t. ]

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!