Eric Holder Prepares to Make a Move on Racial Profiling

There are many people who continue to spew ignorant statements like, “Barack Obama and Eric Holder ain’t did shit for black people.” Sadly, many who are of this opinion that I’ve encountered, are black.

Never mind all the lawsuits brought by the DOJ against states who have sought to make it harder for minorities to vote. Yes, never mind the recent policy shift as it applies to federal mandatory sentencing in non-violent drug crimes. Oh, and never mind the announcement of of new guidelines given by Holder in conjunction with the Department Of Education that’s aimed at the decriminalization of children in public schools.  These are children who end up with criminal records for infractions like truancy, failure to do  homework, and wearing saggy pants while at school.

Yep, those “zero tolerance” policies in schools have been feeding the school-to-prison pipeline that has had a negative effect on minorities. Yes, let’s forget about all those positive policy changes while we continue to espouse dumb shit, just to be doing it. Now, according to NPR’s  Code Switch, Holder is about to announce more of that nothing in a few weeks:

The Justice Department is preparing to unveil new guidelines that ban racial, ethnic and religious profiling in federal investigations, a law enforcement source tells NPR.


The long-considered move by Attorney General Eric Holder could be announced by the end of January. Holder discussed the guidelines in general terms Wednesday in a meeting with New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio; a closed-door conversation that covered strategies for preventing crime “while protecting civil rights and civil liberties,” a Justice Department spokesman said.


eric-holder-danzinger-bridge-shooting-indictment (1)DOJ guidelines cover agents at the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, among other federal investigative personnel. Racial profiling has long been banned, but the Obama administration plans to expand the categories of coverage to include national origin and religion, which could help assuage critics who say Muslims have too often been targeted in the years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The expansion was first reported by the New York Times.


Civil rights groups and Democrats on Capitol Hill say they’re not ready to talk in depth about the new guidelines until they read the language and determine whether it applies to national security probes as well as ordinary criminal investigations. Without a sense of the specifics, aides there say, they can’t determine how meaningful and lasting the new approach will be.

Though this announcement may not be popular with “certain people”reading this, it’s important to remember that one day you may just end up being a minority here in the United States. Think I’m joking? Oh no, my friend. If current trends hold, it won’t be long before many of you current non-minorities will be glad that the Obama administration has made this move. Still think I’m joking? Well, you don’t have to listen to anything I’ve said here. But, according to SFGate, white folks are projected to be a racial minority in California by March 2014.

The Latino population is projected to surpass that of whites in California in March to become the single largest “race or ethnic group,” according to a report on shifting demographics in Gov. Jerry Brown‘s 2014-15 budget proposal. Also, the number of residents 65 and older will jump by 20.7 percent over the next five years, the report said.


State demographers expected Latinos to surpass the non-Hispanic white population seven months earlier, but Latino birth rates were lower than anticipated. Now, officials say, by March Latinos will make up 39 percent of California’s population, edging out non-Hispanic whites at 38.8 percent. Nearly 25 years ago, non-Hispanic whites made up 57 percent of the state, while Latinos made up 26 percent.

Being a minority myself, allow me to give y’all an advance welcome to the club. Don’t worry, though things may change demographically in the future, you people are still blessed with that thing call privilege so all is still well — um, at least for now it is, so don’t lose sleep. But hey, in the even that when the time comes you convert to Islam or marry one of those very fertile Latinas that Jeb Bush talked about. Take comfort in knowing that the upcoming expansion of the defionition of racial profiling will protect you from federal law enforcement agencies.

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