#BlackLivesMatter as Much as #AllLivesMatter

You see it once and you will see it again: there is someone that has a problem with #blacklivesmatter. People are either going to say it’s hypocritical or limiting. Then, there are others that just don’t understand what it really means. And you know what, I get that. I understand that everybody isn’t going to agree with everything in the world. Thus, I respect the fact that some of us can’t grasp the concept behind #blacklivesmatter.

#blacklivesmatter-protest-police-brutaliy_1_640xYet, when famous people disagree, it seems that much worse. Maybe it’s the fact that millions are going to see it. Or, it could have to do with the fact that many expect a lot of them to be much smarter. In any case, there are times where people in the spotlight show just how damning their words can be.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you two case examples.

Exhibit A: #BlackLivesMatter confused by Raven Symone

This isn’t surprising to see coming from Raven Symone. She is the epitome of “black woman disagreeing for the sake of playing devil’s advocate”. Oh, and I was putting that nicely. There are times where I think she is completely clueless or trying too hard to be profound. Other times, I just think that her paychecks play a part in the fallacies she play into. Whatever works for her ego or pocket book, I suppose.

Let me get into where she disagreed with #blacklivesmatter:

“I understand what the ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag means. It came in conjunction with everything that was going on with the police in Ferguson. You have to be sensitive in that statement, but he is right, all lives matter… I think you have to open yourself up. It should be all lives matter.” [1]

This comment was in response to her defending the Democratic presidential candidateMartin O’Malley. He stated that “All Lives Matter” during the discussion of police brutalityagainst Black people at a rally. He was met with boos. And rightfully so: would you announce “all rapes matter!” at a forum for healing female rape victims? Exactly.

Exhibit B: Stephen A. Smith vs. #Blacklivesmatter

Now, Stephen A. Smith is another situation altogether. He just doesn’t care what people feel about his opinion. As stubborn and bullheaded as he is, Smith still has some common sense about him. Yet, when it comes to #blacklivesmatter, it doesn’t seem that common sense stayed the common denominator for his words.


Okay, Stephen A. Smith. I understand where YOU are coming from as well.

No More #Blacklivesmatter Exhibits

Alright, I’m going to break this down for those that have very little understanding of what #Blacklivesmatter means and why Raven Symone and Stephen A Smith are full of shit. So, let’s get to it.

#Blacklivesmatter = in life, black lives should matter to everyone. This is not to excuse other races. However, Black people tend to go through a lot of things that make it seem like our lives are meaningless. Especially in situations where we are at the prey of powers that are over us, black people are people just like everyone else. So please, just treat us like soul vessels that you would want to be treated as. Sounds fair, right?

#Alllivesmatter = everyone should be treated fairly no matter what their race, creed, sexual preference, gender, age, or whatever it is that would separate them from the greater majority may be. People have rights. People should actually be able to exercise those rights like politicians exercise their jaw muscles. No one should be greater than the other.

All explanations aside, Raven Symone doesn’t understand that Black people are having too many issues with reminding the world that WE ARE PEOPLE. Of course #alllivesmatter. However, people say #blacklivesmatter because it seems that so many of us forget that fact. And this is truly a problem when those that are here “to protect us” typically want to regard us as less than human.

#blacklivesmatter - Have_A_Seat

So, yeah: Raven Symone can have a seat. I will be her personal usher.

Stephen A. Smith is off because he is playing the respectability politics game. You see, he wants to make “being black” synonymous with “people killing each other”. What he, and many others tend to miss, is that crime is about proximity. Thus, most crime is going to be intraracial. So, people tend to commit crimes against people they deal with. Since Americais pretty segregated, that should explain the high percentage of “race on race crime”.


To be serious, if people want “black on black crime” to decrease then there have to be certain measures taken to mitigate the crime. Or, Black people can start committing crimes against other races. Pick which one you want.

#Blacklivesmatter like #Alllivesmatter

If he can’t see between the lines with that one, then I can’t help Smith. Nor can I help anybody else that feels the need to mention “black on black crime”. Everyone should have an issue with people to mistreat Blacks. Personally, I would hope that people would understand this. However, they don’t. Sadly, I bet someone will read all of this and give some type of rebuttal.

Oh, well. #Blacklivesmatter just like #Alllivesmatter.

[Originally posted at Chocolate Covered Lies]