Alton Sterling Relatives Say “No More Bloodshed”

Within hours of a shooting that left three police officers dead. Alton Sterling’s aunt, Veda Washington-Abusaleh, made an impassioned plea to stop the violence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“We’re a peaceful people. We just had a meeting yesterday to make sure everyone was on the same accord. No justice no peace. No justice. That means if you don’t give us the justice then you’re going to see someone like me — a black African American on every corner. We don’t call for no bloodshed. This is how this all started. With bloodshed! We want no more bloodshed.”

Washington-Absusaleh also said that she knows what it’s like to get a phone call that a loved one is dead. She sympathizes with the families of the fallen officers and says she does not want anyone to get that call.

alton-sterling-aunt-peace_1_650xAlton Sterling was shot and killed by a Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officer on July 5th. His death was captured on video and has since gone viral.

Alton Sterling’s death, along with that of Philando Castile in Minnesota,  was the catalyst for protests and clashes with police officers across the country. It has yet to be determined if the shooting of the Baton Rouge police officers was an act of retaliation for Sterling’s death.

Watch te video below: