Miriam Carey, Unforgettable and Unnecessary?

The name Miriam Carey is one we should never forget. The woman at the center of what is looking more and more like yet another potential case of excessive police force is just as dead as Jonathan Ferrell, another name we should never forget.  Mr. Ferrell shot dead and killed after an automobile accident by police who were called by a frightened woman who’s door he knocked ostensibly seeking help after climbing out of the car he had been driving that was involved in an accident.

Miriam Carey – is a name that should never be forgotten. So far what little information that has been put out centers around her job  as a dental hygienist and  where she lived in Brooklyn and apparently Connecticut. There have been vague statements about her possibly suffering from Post-partum depression as well as her being on some form of medication that might be psychotropic and that she was in the process of being weaned off of.  Comments about mental illness as a root cause to this have been thrown around however  the question in that instance would remain — was there no other way for Miriam Carey to get help or for her situation to be resolved aside from the way it turned out?

As the investigation is ongoing not much is being said by local DC law enforcement aside from a press conference given on the evening that the events occurred. One interview that was given by the sisters of Miriam Carey indicated that they had no idea that their sister was headed towards DC and that they couldn’t speak to any motivation on her part to explain any part of the actions that led to her death.

The one thing the sisters did say is that they are not understanding why she had to be killed to be stopped.

There are a lot of questions on this case that need to be answered, some of which never may be answered.  Did Miriam Carey actually try to ram the barricades at the White House to gain entry? What ACTUALLY happened at the checkpoint where this all started. Who if anyone did she speak to the day that this tragic event took place. What did her day look like? Did she just get up get dressed dress her child and drive to DC? What is the protocol for dealing with attempted vehicle breaches to the White House perimeter or any other government office in DC? Local law enforcement in DC have indicated that Ms. Carey was a danger because she was using her vehicle as a weapon  and that justified the use of deadly force – was there NO other way to stop or prevent Miriam Carey’s vehicle from proceeding any further beyond the initial engagement at the White House Checkpoint?

Due in part to our morbid fascination with “reality” based TV shows, there is plenty of footage around to show high speed car chases and the response by law enforcement which usually does not end with the vehicle being shot up by law enforcement unless they are returning gun fire. The main question in most minds that MUST be answered is was firing upon the vehicle the ONLY way this situation could have been ended?

The other more burning question of why this happened will probably never be answered. I sincerely doubt that Ms. Carey left a manifesto behind explaining her actions and plan to visit DC.

Miriam Careys sisters
Miriam Careys sisters

The one thing that is known right now is that a woman with a child in the car was subjected to gun fire by law enforcement in her attempts to get away and that she injured two law enforcement officers in her attempts to get away from people who were shooting at her. The rest of the strands of this story have yet to be woven into something that is recognizable or palatable.

I would sincerely HOPE that the level of interest shown to inane matters such as the latest installment of nighttime soap opera fare, or whether or not twerking is part of black culture is shown in this case. I would hope that support and interest in this case would transcend interest in cases where individuals who have been duly tried and convicted and sentenced in accordance with state laws and guidelines but wish to now use the specter and notoriety of stand your ground and domestic violence to cover bad choices made by a person who lived a messy life and as we all do had to deal with the consequences of her choices.

I am waiting to see if the “sisterhood” is going to rally around the sisters of Miriam Carey and demand justice or a full and thorough investigation. I am waiting to see if the NAACP and the usual suspects are going to march and rally for justice on behalf of Ms. Carey.

I guess as long as it doesn’t conflict with the next episode of whatever salacious and or reality based television event that requires the attention of those masses.

Someone might want to inform  them that It doesn’t get any realer than this.