Recently, I was described as being an angry black man. Nevermind the person who said this, its nothing new. Black men are always percieved as being angry. Some of you have been around me for a while now, and I’m sure that you know that I posses a sense of humor. As a matter of fact, I use humor to convey messages with my blogs. Though, I love to laugh as much as the next man, there are issues with which I have a passion for. If you’ve paid any attention, you’ll know by now that I’ve been critical of religion. More specifically, I’m very critical of christianity. Have you ever wondered why I’m like that? No I’ve never walked in on a preacher fuckin my wife like Cosmic Brotha did, nor am I an atheist. As I’ve explained to a few of you via previous blog comments, I have a different outlook on spirituality than most.


Also, if you’ve been paying attention, I tend to look at things from an Afrocentric point of view. Hence the blogs about racism, and African history. You see folks, what I subscribe to is known as African Liberation Theology. It has nothing to do with a revolution in the sense of what the Black Panthers, or other black power revolutionaries spoke of. Its more or less a revolution of the mind, or a de-programming if you will. Its no secret that for black people, christianity was a major tool used to “civillize” us as a people. In doing so, combined with the atrocity of slavery, as black people we have lost ourselves. So you see, for me, African Liberation Theology, is my way of educating myself and regaining myself, as well as regaining my culture as a black man. But for doing that, I, like many others, are percieved as being angry.


Martin Luther King Jr once said that the most segregated hour in America is 11am on a Sunday morning. He was right then, as he would still be right today. Here we are 40yrs later after the man was killed and things are no different. As much as I’m against religion right now, even I would have to admit, that the black church has been a necessary institution in this country given the history of racial discrimination. If the black church wasn’t important, those racist bastards would have never started burning them down, or bombing them like they’ve done throughout the history of this country. Remember the 4 little black girls that died as a result of the bombing in the church in Birmingham? The black church has always been a means of congregation. If you remember, there were laws against black people even congregating in the streets. But even then, the black church was there to bring black people together. Hell, the gov’t didnt even wanna take the time to count black people whenever they took stats for the census back in the day, so they turned to the black church for them to get an accurate count of their members to represent the black population. As much as I know now about the history of christianity, and the reality of the bible which so many refuse to believe, I still have to respect the black church as a necessary institution, just like the barbershop in the hood.


Hell, they probably forgot that as recent as the late 90’s or early in the new millinuim churches were still being burned by racists white people. But I guess black people should be used to turning the other cheek. Only black people can do that, right?


“Fuck you nigger, get over it!”


Yeah, thats what I’m supposed to accept, right?!! I mean, thats what Martin Luther King Jr was about and they killed his black ass! Hell, J. Edgar Hoover used to refer to him as a nigger openly. So this thing with associating Barack Obama, and Rev. Wright is no different. This was their way of trying to prove to America…


“Look, I told you he was a nigger just like the rest of them.”


Thats what that bullshit was about. Its like these clowns have all caught a sudden case of amnesia.They’re so stupid in calling him racist, because he subscribes to African Liberation Theology as well. Its nothing new actually, and there are many black preachers who are waking up to reality, and speaking and teaching this way. But hey, niggers are supposed to be happy, and remain ignorant.