White Comedian in Blackface Proves that White Folks at BYU Don’t Know or Care About Black History

So I got an email from a reader this morning; a reader who happens to be white. After reading my recent post about the politics of the fake “War on Religion” being waged by president Obama, he felt compelled to write me. No big deal because this happens quite often; yep, it’s not uncommon to get email responses to some of the stuff I say on this site. So anyway, Mr. Random White Guy decides to email me and suggest I join his side against president Obama, and his “War On Religion”.

Clearly I don’t have to tell you that “his side” meant getting cozy with right-wing nutjobs in an activist setting. OK, so I read his spill, and what really struck me was one line in his sales pitch. He said that I as a Black man, should be against president Obama and his ruling that mandates coverage for contraceptives by Catholic-run institutions. His reasoning? Because as a Black man, I should be concerned about the “Black Genocide” that is the abortion of Black babies. Yep, imagine that; apparently Obama is killing Black babies now. See wha’happen when you don’t pay attention?

Now my first instinct was to go smooth the fuck off and ask him where was he and his concern for “Black Genocide” about four hundred odd years ago when Black folk were brought to this country in chains. But I decided against that because to do so would not have been fair. Yep, never mind the fact that he probably wasn’t alive.

Instead, I asked him if he was concerned about said “Black Genocide,” why then he didn’t spend his energy to end it on the continent of Africa since he has a newfound love for Black people. You know what he told me? He said, that if the government would stop funding Planned Parenthood, then maybe those funds could be reallocated to ending “Black Genocide” in Africa. I really got heated then, but I decided to give him a pass because it’s Black History Month, and I ain’t trying to sin by cussin’ out white folks. But hell, who knew Planned Parenthood was standing in the way of saving the lives of Black folks in Africa. Hell, it makes me wonder why I even bought a We Are The World t-shirt that went to buying some starving kid in Africa some Ramen Noodles. You mean there are millions of people dying everyday in the Sudan, and it’s due to the gov’t wasting money by funding Planned Parenthood?

I swear, y’all white folks right-wing nutjobs have all the answers.

Speaking of which, did y’all hear about the white comedian in Blackface walking around the campus of BYU asking folks about Black History Month? Yep, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right: his punk ass would’ve never pulled that shit at an HBCU. Nah son, we ain’t that post-racial. But then again, maybe we are? I mean I’ve always wondered if white people in America took Black History Month seriously, or whether they even cared. My guess has always been that collectively, a vast majority of them didn’t. I mean it’s not like that white folks are going out of their way to give Black people jobs this month as messed up as the economy is. But stand-up comic, Dave Ackerman in the following video has helped me to realize that I’m right. Sure he wore Blackface in Black History Month which I’m sure will make some of my cousins upset. However, what he exposes with his “fighting ignorance with ignorance,” campaign, in one video, shows that some people truly just don’t care or wish to. Now that I’ve seen this video, I can honestly say, that I wished I would have cursed out Mr. Random White Guy who emailed me this morning, for his ignorant slaes pitch.

You may think that a white man wearing Blackface may be overboard and insulting as Ackerman does in the following video. But since there are many white folks who refuse to listen to Black folks like myself and others when it comes to racism. Maybe this is what it will take for them to get it.

Love may conquer hate, but maybe there’s something to ignorance fighting ignorance: