Viral Video Channels ABC Hit ‘Scandal’ to Help Navigate Obamacare

Fixers — fictional ones at least — are hard at work helping citizens navigate the new health care law at the center of the current government shutdown.

In the parody video, Scandalous, singer/actress Jennifer Hudson parodies the hugely popular ABC prime time drama, Scandal, as she runs about town highlighting the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. The video is produced by comedy website Funny or Die.

Jennifer Hudson spoofs Scandal for Obamacare
Jennifer Hudson spoofs Scandal for Obamacare

Like the actual series (season three premiers Thursday), Hudson’s character rushes to assist those in trouble, including a senator whose gotten his mistress pregnant– only in the parody video, the mistress does not have health insurance. Hudson easily solves the senator’s problem by telling him to log

It is not the first time viral video has been used to help citizens navigate — or help sell — government programs. And while it does not appear that the Obama Administration has anything to do with the making of this video, but the president is no stranger to using social media and humor to drive his agenda.

So while public employees are taking a forced holiday and the public’s non-essential services go unmet, might as well watch Scandalous. After all, tis better to chuckle than to cry.

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