Turn This Mutha Out: Everything According to Plan With Occupy Oakland

Yes, yes….I knew the #Occupy #Movement would make it’s way to the West Coast. I counted the days until it did, you see, I realize that we are close now.

Close to what, you ask? Close to our melt down. 

California is a unique wok of cultures and races, and if nobody else knows how to throw a “destruction of civilization as we know it” movement, it’s California.

The racial resentment that California residents are exposed to is a special kind of xenophobia involving class-ism, sexism, racism, patriotism, racial pride, cultural identity, and an educational system that is a failed integration experiment.

Fresh immigrants turn up each day to happily take part in an intolerant society expressed as wry disregard spread among all of the different ‘people’ that live there for all of the ‘other’ people that live there.

But not this time.

This time it seems that most people are well aware of what side of the fence they are on.

This time there is a line drawn in the sand, and THIS TIME, it was not drawn with a black and blue marker.

Until Oakland Police Department turned  a peaceful process into a war zone. Scott Olson may or may not recover from having a can of tear gas explode in his face.

The ORIGINAL line in the sand was drawn straight and narrow with a vibrant, evanescent shade of green. The country’s current economic famine is much louder than the normal choir of race baiting politics we all listen to. There is no confusion about what the ORIGINAL #Occupation is all about.

So why is it that Oakland Police Department and Mayor Jean Quan treating the people of Oakland as if they won’t turn a muth fuka out!? Is it any wonder that she found herself a bullhorn and yanked the chain on the police, before someone REALLY gets hurt #RodneyKing

Does Oakland Need to Smack A Bitch?

How convenient that we are all home, unemployed and miserable while we get to watch our country silence our cry of despair.

Police repression is being recorded, reported and broadcast everywhere.

EVERYWHERE, at every moment and yet they still move forward against us. Countries whom we bomb and tsk at the ‘barbaric’ behavior their government are realizing, as are we, that aren’t all as different than we thought. 

The lack of fear or concern shown by the Oakland law enforcement is troubling to say the least. How far is our police force willing to go in order to promote ‘order’ among the very people they are to be in service to protect?

Who is in charge of the men with guns?

The latest action was the most brutal. Hundreds of police officers from 12 agencies, decked out in riot gear, surrounded an encampment in Oakland, California early Tuesday morning. Under the direction of Democratic Party Mayor Jean Quan, the police used tear gas, bean bag guns and a sonic cannon to attack and arrest about one hundred peaceful demonstrators and lay waste to the occupation site.

We have a bird’s eye view of political oppression and it is apparent that our government would like for us all to remain fooled by the guise of our country as a self determined Democracy.

As dogs are unleashed on peaceful protesters do those who criticize the validity of the #OccupyWallStreet movement also co-sign with the hostility shown when citizens exercise their rights to have rights!?

California gets a little different when they are unhappy….and you thought the UK burned……..hold on, kids. I hear a storm’s a-coming.