The Oscars 2014 and the Fun That Was Had

And just like that, the Oscars are over. With this night, there was much fanfare, champagne, and jokes. Ellen Degeneres was the host and that would be interesting in itself. However, this night was something to behold due to the meaningful movies and the nominations within themselves. So, I took time to make sure that I noted the noteworthy.

lupita-oscars (1)And by noteworthy, I mean the things worth pointing out besides Pharrell’s hat.

The Oscars and Jared Leto

What Jared Leto did was bring levity and validity to the fact that he won. As soon as he got on the stage, he displayed an air of humility and genuine thankfulness. He gave props to his mom and brother. He spoke for those in torn countries such as Venezuela and Ukraine. He even spoke for the 30-something million people that have died of AIDS worldwide. Jared Leto proved himself to be a “human’s human”.

Oscars Jared Leto Buddy Christ

Regardless of him looking like Buddy Christ in a nice suit, he did his thing.

Oscars Had Some Pretty Good Music

Pink did her thing with the “Under The Rainbow” rendition without the acrobatics. Pharrell made everyone get happy and dance. That one female singing the depressing song from Her actually made people want to take Lithium. U2 made inspiration sound…well, like a U2 song. All in all, nothing bad can be said about the performances.

oscars meryl streep pharrell

Wait, did Merryl Streep dance with Pharrell though? Wow.

Lupita Won an Oscar

Not really sure if I should even give an explanation on how important this is. Therefore, I won’t. She won. The end.

Oscar Animation Nominations

These Oscar nominations were quite impressive for animation. Although Frozen won (deservingly depending upon one’s opinion), I liked the films that were nominated. There were some good ones to choose from. The biggest thing about it was the unkown foreign films (The Wind Rises from Japanese animator Hayao Miyazakiand French-language entry Ernest & Celestine). I see that there are a lot of animated films that I have to give some time to.

Oscars and Ellen Degeneres

Oscars Ellen selfie 2

When you take one of the most epic selfies there is, then that says a lot. Ellen did what she was supposed to do: entertain. Whether she came out with long winded jokes or even dressed up in a princess costume, she did her job. Never too boring and never too overbearing, she paced herself and kept it silly yet not too crazy. She won.

Oscar Wins

Outside of Lupita winning (which she did), I didn’t really care as to who won. In all, that does not mean much to me this year. As long as it was for films that deserved to win, then it is what it is. I do know that Gravity did some cleaning up with the rewards, though. I can attest to that.

Plus, 12 Years A Slave won Best Picture. So, that’s that!

With all of this said, it makes some wonder just how good the Oscars can be. To be honest, it tends to be the more respectable awards show that comes on TV. So, I do have more love for it than other shows. And this is why I can get with the Oscars. As much of an over-bloated affair it could be, at least it has its respectability.

Plus, Lupita said it best:

Congrats Lupita! #2014 #BestSupportingActress #Oscars #12YearsASlave