‘Straight Outta Compton’ Scares White People

So, apparently the movie Straight Outta Compton that tells the story the iconic rap group, N.W.A, has “certain people” on edge this weekend. According to the L.A. Times, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is ramping up patrols in and around movie theaters in anticipation of potential violence.

Really? Where was this concern when  12 Years A Slave was released?

I could be wrong, but it seems like a movie that depicts the brutality of slavery would have raised concerns about potential violence in movie theaters. But, that didn’t happen. As easily afraid of black retribution as some are, you’d think it would have.

But I digress…

Director F. Gary Gray (top center) pictured with cast of Straight Outta Compton
Director F. Gary Gray (top center) pictured with Ice Cube (top left) and Dr. Dre (top right) and cast of Straight Outta Compton

Though there is no credible threat of violence, as ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate KABC reports, the concern is that a convergence of gangbangers at screenings could be a recipe for disaster. In other words: There’ll be too many black folks (and there isn’t enough popcorn).

Theaters were beefing up security Thursday ahead of the release of “Straight Outta Compton,” the biopic based on N.W.A.


The film depicts gang violence that plagued South Los Angeles in the 1980s, and Los Angeles police worry the violence on the screen will bleed into real life.


“Maybe different factions or youngsters from different gangs will show up at the same theater at the same time and that’s always a bad recipe,” LAPD spokesman Andy Smith said.


It’s not the first time that a provocative film has prompted security concerns. Other gang-related films like New Jack City and Boyz n the Hood resulted in violence in the city.


The film’s distributor released a statement that reads in part: “The studio has not solicited enhanced security for the theaters, which will be showing it this weekend, but has partnered with those exhibitors who have requested support for their location.”

The movie Straight Outta Compton pulled in $22.8 million on Friday. The movie’s Friday debut represents the fifth highest in history for movies released in August according to deadline.com. What that says to me is that the film has crossed over. Which means that there are more white people than black people in theaters watching Straight Outta Compton. Which is scary when you think of all the recent movie theater shootings committed by white men. But, nobody is beefing up security at movie theaters for that reason. Yep, see how that “white privilege” thing works?

Not bad for a movie about a rap group audacious enough to make a song called “Fuck Tha Police” back in the day. Personally,  I would think there would be more fear associated with ISIS and the potential for getting one’s head chopped off.

But, apparently, the rap group N.W.A has left an indelible mark on the American psyche. You know, because, of course, nothing scares “whitey” more than a bunch of black folks with guns at movie theaters watching a Hip Hop movie.

Look, there isn’t going to be any violence at movie theaters because of Straight Outta Compton. Most of the old heads who grew up around that time are either dead, in prison, or tired of cutting our lawns in this heat like I am.

We’re old, and we’re over that – yes, we pay taxes and vote now.

Uh-huh, life is more than just “bitches and money.”

Don’t believe me? Just ask Ice Cube.

As for these young’uns today? They don’t drink “forties” like we did, and they’re standing in circles mimicking women when they do the Nae Nae.

And, they listen to Drake. Which, if you didn’t know, Drake makes music that helps emotionally unstable dudes talk themselves out of suicide.

Sorry, it’s not gonna happen, folks. Yep, no violence during screenings of Straight Outta Compton. Nope, not because of this movie. Now another Madea or Soul Plane movie, maybe (hell, I might even shoot that shit up).

But if you think so, chances are it’s because you’ve bought into the stereotypical image associated with young black males, in general, and Hip Hop culture, in particular, being violent. But don’t let me stop you from being that way.

I understand – you just can’t help being racist.

Yes, it’s racist…

And, it’s the very reason Straight Outta Compton the album and biopic exists.