Rosie Perez Blasts Mitt Romney’s “Latino Joke” in SuperPAC Campaign Ad

So some right-wing idiot just hit me up and said, “Rosie Perez is an ‘illegal’ and should be deported,” in response to the following campaign ad. Yeah, of course he was white. I mean, what else would you expect? Much like the anti-immigrant crowd, to them, by Rosie being a person of color with an accent, she’s “an illegal.” Don’t believe me? Well, take it from me; I’m black, and I’m also an immigrant. And quite naturally, in right-wing world, this means I’m too lazy to steal a job from myself; yes, and like Rosie, I too have a funny accent. Which is funny because without seeing me, my government name would have you assuming that I was quite possibly a recovering Irish-Catholic drunk — at least that’s what a nun in Catholic school once told me when I was seven-years-old.

But anywhichaways, check out the following ad put together by In their first ad of this election cycle, Rosie obliterates Mitt Romney for jokingly stating that his life would be better if he was Latino, and not the wealthy and successful privileged white man that he was cursed to be.

Oh, and by the way, Rosie Perez was born in Brooklyn.