Rob Kardashian Proves Men Are Trash

Rob Kardashian proved to be this week’s biggest sucker.

In recent history, his ex Blac Chyna (his former fiancée, (former) stripper, and mother to his child) has been accused/caught up cheating with another man. It has been said that she was doing dirty deeds in her child’s bed. Being that she got caught up, Rob reacted out of emotion. And that reaction started a social media fueled whirlwind.

What happened between Instagram and Twitter, however, seems like a blur. After posting nudes of her body and making financial claims for her plastic surgeries, Rob even outed T.I. for wanted a threesome with Chyna and Tiny. Eventually, his Instagram was shut down. Yet, he continued posting on Twitter with the ranting and raving. After all that, Rob Kardashian still lost.

Also, he proved that men are trash. And that includes the man that is typing all of this.

Rob Kardashian Proved The Worst of Men

Now, I need full attention before any of my men out there get their boxers in a bunch. Societally, men are systematically on some bullshit. We are all raised to have trash tendencies. Many run around with patriarchal ideas that sound good in theory but are misogynistic in reality. So, please stick around if you are still reading along.

First, what Rob Kardashian participated in is called revenge porn. He chose to try and expose Chyna for whatever indiscretion she is guilty of. Instead of being logical, he let his emotions run wild and sought revenge. And that revenge was tainted with delusions of ownership of her body. How would I know? Well, he did mention all the things he bought her (plastic surgery being one of them). So, yes, he is trash because he really feels as if he owned her deep down within his soul.

Second, he was cognizant of what he was doing and who he was dealing with. I’m not going to believe for one bit that he intentionally got with Black Chyna. He is from a family of exploitive opportunists that use money as their motivation. All Kardashian moves within relationships are calculated. And Rob Kardashian was no different: he got with someone he knew would jump at the opportunity to be with him.

Except, Blac Chyna was no idiot.

Last, but not least, we have the fact that Rob Kardashian could have potentially broke the law. In California (where Rob stays), what he did is called cyber exploitation. This law dealing with revenge porn was signed back in 2013 and is a serious offense. Blac Chyna doesn’t even have to press charges or assist the authorities. If Rob did this on purpose to make Chyna look bad, he can be tried and convicted. And that isn’t a good look.

Rob Kardashian is a Rich Blow Pop

At the end of the day, Rob Kardashian just gives us an eye view of how men can be trash. Instead of keeping it moving, Rob tries to demonstrate his ownership and exhibited his predatory mentality. And this isn’t about showing Blac Chyna as being a great person. This is about the sucker shit that Rob did in response (which is much worst). At some point, men need to realize we are inherently trashy and do better.

And it can start from realizing how not to be a Kardashian flavored sucker.