Materialism, Kendrick Lamar, and How Twitter Should Mind Its Damn Business

Materialism is always around to ruin a good thing, I tell you.|

Picture the scenario: you are a recent high school graduate. You are extremely thrilled with the prospects of doing something with your life after four years of toil, trepidation, and a weak cafeteria version of Taco Tuesday. Yet, you still made it through the ups and downs. You cross that stage and shake hands with the principal and the superintendent. You toss your hat in the air and find your family waiting to congratulate you.

Once you get home, you are surprised by a graduation gift: a brand-new Toyota Camry! Think about this in perspective: most starter cars for teens are not going to be brand new. Also, many parents/providers may not have the bank to afford a brand-new Camry. And remembering that many newer cars come fully equipped with technological amenities, you are a stoked teenager! You got to love the unexpected graciousness of your parents/family.

This didn’t happen for Kendrick Lamar, though

Materialism and Kendrick Lamar’s Camry

Instead of Kendrick being totally complimented for being frugal and smart, there were some that chided him for being cheap. That’s right, people: there were people that had something negative to say about him buying a brand-new car for his sister. Why? Because it was not some expensive car (Benz, Beemer, Aston-Martin, Lexus, whatever). Also, they thought that he should have given her that type of car since he is probably driving something more expensive. In the end, people that aren’t driving the car have more negative thoughts about it then the young lady that it was bought for.

If you think that is stupid, then stick around. I’m going to lay out the main reasons why all of this is absolute lunacy.

Materialism Has Some Twitter Users Being Thoughtless

The first problem about all of this is that people are not minding their own damn business. I would understand if these people were married to Kendrick or managed his finances. Yet, none of these Twitter Finger Philosophers have no cause, rhyme, or reason to make mention of what a grown man should do with his money. To be fair, Kendrick’s sister did make this situation public by posting about it. Still, who deliberates on the type of brand new vehicle a man buys his younger sister? Oh, I know: Twitter. Because Twitter tends to know all.

The second problem that I am noticing is that people are ridiculously shallow. So, just because Kendrick Lamar is virtually a millionaire means he should be trying to buy expensive ass cars for his family? People honestly want him to make the same monetary mistakes that he is desperately trying to avoid? He already mentioned that he didn’t want to be a victim of being robbed for his money on his last album. With that in mind, would it really make sense to flaunt his kid sister (she ain’t 20 yet) around in an overly expensive vehicle she doesn’t really need?

And the second problem leads me to the final issue: people don’t know shit about cars. I have had my fair share of Toyotas (maybe three of them) and sold some for a year back in 2003. They are some of the most reliable cars on the market. Also, Camrys come standard with a lot of amenities. If the person moves up to an SE or LXE model, you practically have a luxury vehicle. Plus, Toyota makes Lexus. In hindsight, Kendrick bought a vehicle that was well worth the money AND provided her with enough additives to “ride clean” in the streets.

Materialism Won’t Hold Kendrick Back

All in all, people need to focus more on their affairs and less on the happenings of others. Having a negative opinion about a situation is one thing. Having a negative opinion about something without full-fledged thought is another. This is what happens when you have social media philosophers commenting without taking in every angle of the situation. In short, we have people making dumb comments about a man making smart decisions.