Kanye West’s Issues Worsened by Fandom

English: The words “Kanye West” in the theme of Kanye West’s “G.O.O.D. Friday” song series’ artwork. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

any apparent reason for it. He did, however, go on a rant about Beyonce, scientology, and whatever the hell else he yaps about (joking about scientology). Yet, the performance was only 30 or so minutes. He walked off the stage without a care in the world. In the end, the concert goers had to (momentarily) eat the fact that they paid hundreds of dollars for a half assed show.

Now? He is in an institution seeking the help he should have had many moons ago.

And this is part of the reason why I wish people would have gotten this man some help a long time ago.


kanye-west-fandom_640xWhy were people buying his damn records and merchandise and not making sure he was mentally on point? I’m so lost on the hero worship that follows people that are addled by the hardships of the world. Was it his wit? Was it his daring actions? Was it the inspiration malarkey that is followed by gratuitous verbal fuckery? I’m just trying to understand it.

Kanye West Is a Walking Reality Show

The more that I notice how much Kanye is mentioned, the more that I realize that he is being known for things other than his art. If he isn’t creating crazy tweets, then he is predicting his political career. If he isn’t on Ellen “inspiring” the world to find their Ultra Light Beam, he is on another rant. Over the past 4-5 years, it has been more about Kanye the personality than Kanye the artist. And that should have been a sure-fire sign that things were off.

Please don’t get anything that I am saying confused: I tend to enjoy his personality. The over-the-top behavior is a nice touch. But let us think about his artistic output as of late.

Kanye West and the Art He Produces Has Been Subpar

One of the biggest takeaways from Kanye’s mental issues is the loss of Kanye the hip hop artist. I’m going to keep things all the way “one hunnid”: he hasn’t made a dope album since My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. Yeezus was, and still is at present moment, a highly artistic weed plate. It is mostly noise and foolishness thrown together for the sake of selling. The same can be said for Life of Pablo. There is one exception with his last album: it sounds better than Yeezus. But with improper mixdowns, shaky lyrics, and a strange direction that goes part trap music, part jazz café, and half gospel, it comes off as misguided.

Too much of his output was a frazzled mess. It seemed that his art reflected his mind.

Through it all, he did succeed at selling sneakers. And I can admit people have (slightly) bought into buying one of his raggedy t-shirts with the holes in them. Yet, even his fashion line hasn’t really made the mark he wanted it to make. Anyone that professes to investing millions into his own ideas and still hasn’t make that necessary mark just might be in trouble. Consequentially, not even Rocawear can save Kanye from the mess his situation turned into.

Kanye West Still Gets Love

It is one of the most amazing things to love someone. But, it is far worse to love someone and not see that they get help. We witnessed a man turn from a great artist to an object of media shame. Kanye West sadly fell into the realm of reality show star gone awry. Instead of actually promoting his mental health, many exacerbated his issues by giving him a thumbs up. Thus, I’m not surprised that he fucked thousands of people out of hundreds of dollars for a bullshit show.

People get what they pay for. So, why did you (we) all let Kanye West get to this point again?