John Rocker: Former MLB Player Would Rather Vote For Satan Than Obama

The budding Zombie apocalypse down in Florida is just too easy, or it would have been if I have written this last week, so I will not go there.  Instead, I choose to talk about shamed former-MLB pitcher John Rocker.

Since his racist/sexist/homophobic tirade(s) and the Braves’ unwillingness to put up with it on the road and trading him, then 3 other teams trading him, he was released from a minor league team in 2005 and has apparently not tried to latch on with another team since, despite being “only” 37 and baseball being a sport that is friendly to people as they get up in age.

Apparently, he has reinvented himself – while working in real estate – as an outspoken conservative Republican. As if ANY group needed any assistance fighting back claims of being rooted in racism, the support of a guy who once described a ride on an NYC subway as “riding through Beirut sitting next to some queer with AIDS, some dude who just got out of jail for the 4th time,” and various other scourges of Eastern Europe and Asia. Yeah, the same guy who was unapologetic (despite offering what he called apologies while continuing to talk out of his ass) in all of this is the one you want aligned with your party.

Well what has he done to thrust himself into the limelight after most of us had almost forgotten about him?

Well apparently in line with my “day as a conservative” last week, he has offered up that he would sooner vote for Satan himself than President Obama. Citing his reasoning for feeling this way, he offered that “Barack Obama does not hold a single core value or belief consistent with the principles that created this amazing country we call the United States of America,” which suggests to me that he might not understand the particular definitions of the words “justice,” “liberty” or “equality” and may not have ever even heard or read them in discussions what the country was created on.

I’m reaching, here, I KNOW what happened to the Natives and the slaves that were imported, but I am apparently supposed to act like those were not among the bricks that the building that is this country were built on.

Part of me asked aloud “who the hell cares what this guy thinks?” but then I looked at where they said the interview was given and looked into the site. It all boils down to speaking ONLY to the audience that will want to hear what you have to say and will consume it without question, and that seems to be concisely what has taken and does take place on WorldNetDaily.