Hey Seinfeld, Even Sinatra Had Sammy Davis Jr.

Jerry Seinfeld the comedy god pissed his panties yesterday when somebody called him on his bullshit for not having Blacks on his iconic Seinfeld show.

Said, “who cares?”

Said, “it’s PC anti-comedy nonsense.”

Said, “he doesn’t care about gender or race and all that happy horseshit..leave it to the census or somebody who gives a damn.”

You can read it here.

Well, at the risk of pulling on Superman’s cape, it does matter Mr. Seinfeld. It really does matter a lot.

Seinfeld and other shows on TV created all white worlds for folks to tune into. Worlds that bare absolutely no resemblance to reality, then or now. I mean NY without people of color? Omaha maybe..Owsley County Kentucky, maybe…But NY?  GTFOH..

There was no color in the main ensemble, which is believable since most people rarely have/had friends of another color outside of work. I understand that many whites don’t have a Black friend or two.

I could have lived with that, if in fact Seinfeld’s show had really been funny and relevant to anybody except 20 something white girls and boys just entering the workforce.

But Seinfeld didn’t have people of color as background..no shop clerks…no police…no co workers…no doormen…. no next door neighbors…nobody sitting at the tables in the restaurant or being run into as they enter or leave. Didn’t hear any Black people laughing on the laugh track either (I’m kidding.)

Honestly can’t comment on what the conversations were about on Seinfeld because I didn’t watch because the spots were too lilly white and not funny enough for me. So they may have talked about Black people or Latino people or Asian people during their many conversations about “nothing..”

I more than missed it, due to all of the above.

Because if the commercials don’t show people like me, I ain’t watchin past the first episode, if that much.

So I’ve never seen Seinfeld except in commercials or Friends or Sex in the City or Dynasty until I realized Steven was gay and Dominique showed up.

seinfeld-cast (1)Why do I have to get my funny on from guys like Key and Peele, relegated to chitlin circuit  cable TV instead of prime time which they more than deserve? I don’t have cable. Comedy is as segregated as most of America. Still!

It matters Jerry Seinfeld, because your very apparent disdain for diversity manifests in lesser lights in shows such as ABC’s Agents of Shield which does have a Kung Fu Asian woman who kicks ass when needed. But the sub-villains are nearly all black and evil in a “fear of the Black man” kind of way. (A sub villain is one who answers to an unseen all knowing white guy or gal super baddy, with an English accent, who gets hunted all season and maybe killed by the all white sorta super heroes who work for the titled organization.

If Seinfeld or Friends had had Black people (Aisha Tyler) in the show, we might not be where we are today in the 21st Century playing a colored version of “where’s waldo.”

Seinfeld’s color/gender blindness is a cop out. It’s the road taken by cowards caught wallowing around in crap when they actually had the ability to effect some change.

Seinfeld is no different than Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live or a lot of what still comes out of Hollywood these days.

No, Jerry Seinfeld, the right answer to the question of diversity on your show would have been;

“What was I thinking, huh?!”


[Originally posted at PostRacialBS]