Boxing? George Zimmerman, Sit Yo Punk Ass Down!

George Zimmerman is willing to step into the boxing ring and take on all comers. According to TMZ, Georgie says he’s even willing to fight Black people. Well bless his post racial little heart.

How inclusive of him to be willing to step into the ring with a Black man. His people say it has nothing to do with “the incident.” No, it’s not racial at all. He’s doing it for charity and the money to be made from turning himself into a media connected punching dummy.

0130-george-zimmerman-boxing-1-1 (1) (2)Did anyone tell him he can’t take his gun into the ring? Did anyone tell him that his judicially connected father won’t be allowed to cover his ass in a one on one confrontation in front of everybody?

They may let his brother be at ringside in the corner, but he can’t cross the ropes to help out either. Bro looks like he does more talking than fighting anyway…More Bundini Brown to Georgie’s Ali.

Has anyone explained to him the difference between a fair fight inside a ring instead of a street fight on the front lawn with an unarmed kid?

Now according to the article, which you can read here, Zimmerman says he is comfortable in the ring, because he’s boxed before. He likes it like Mikey likes it. Helps him drop the weight.

Compton, California rapper, The Game, has already answered the challenge, says he’s willing to beat his ass for Trayvon. I’ll bet there are a lot of others willing to step up too. Oh, and did I mention it’s a pay per view event. We don’t know which charity is gonna benefit. We do know that George is gonna get paid, but he won’t how much.

“Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
I’ll take a punch
If you pay the fee”….

If this happens, somebody please…please knock that smirk off his face and beat the Black, brown or yellow off his sorry brown, yellow, white ass..

Trayvon still needs some justice…