Gabby Douglas Being Bullied

Gabby Douglas had to deal with plenty of foolishness in 2012. Instead of a focus on her youthful success, there was more criticism about her hair. After that came the support. Many people realized that her hair isn’t really much of a factor because she is being athletic. And being athletic deals with having your hair get a little messy. So, why even concern ourselves with something that may just look bad eventually?

Now, it is 2016. Gabby Douglas has won more medals. And the criticisms have grown.

More criticism about her hair.

Newfound criticism about her being unpatriotic.

Silly criticism about her not being a supportive teammate.

Hell, they even have a newfound nickname for her: Crabby Gabby.

Eventually, all of the naysaying will get to someone if they pay attention to it. Well, Gabby made the only mistake worth noting in her career: paying attention to the haters:

Douglas noted “I apologized if I offended anyone” by merely standing at attention rather than copying her four teammates, who had their hands over their hearts. But she still remains a bit baffled. “I’ve always said it was an honor to represent the U.S. You always do this for your country, and then, like people say, for yourself and other people.”

After Douglas thanked everyone in the press area and gave way to Madison Kocian, who won the silver medal in the uneven bars competition, she walked down the hallway at Olympic Arena. Then Douglas stood in a corner, facing a wall, and had a good, long cry. [1]

And there it is. I hope people are happy with themselves for working hard to make someone feel ashamed of practically nothing. Then again, can anyone be surprised? It is the day of social media: where everyone has an opinion about everything.

Gabby Douglas vs. The Haters

In 2012, Venus Williams noted that she doesn’t read the blogs. With all the negativity, she noted that “You won’t want to get out of the bed if you read what everyone says about you.’’

It is the same thing happening to Gabby Douglas.

These people aren’t being critical; they are being haters. It is one thing to talk about someone for doing the wrong thing. It is another thing to nitpick at someone for miniscule things that hold no bearing to what is more important.

gabby-douglasBut we all know why these people hate, though. They hate because they don’t have anything going on in their lives. Let us be real here: a good percentage of these people (too many of them being Black) are more than likely unhappy, haven’t achieved much outside moving out of their parents’ houses, and don’t have two nickels to rub together. Instead of improving their own and minding their business, they make commentary. And the commentary can be made because it is a free country. Still, it says a lot about a person that always gives their two cents when it only leaves three cents in their bank account.

And it’s that lack of change to make change is why I wish Gabby would have ignored the critics. She can’t lower herself to the lowest common denominator. The eagle should never worry about the opinions of ants. And unless these people are actually talking about helping her out, then their investment in being critical yields no return. Thus, it doesn’t hold well for Gabby to concern herself with those that have only mastered one flip: that of a burger.

Gabby Douglas Should Stunt on the Haters

Personally, Gabby Douglas has way more professionalism than I. I would have told all of the critics to go find a stick, sit, and spin on it. However, this is just proof of what many have realized. Those that don’t do always despise those that do. Realistically, it is way too hard to hate when you are already great.