Elect Jay Electronica for Rerouting the Money Back to Slaves

Karma used to be a bitch, now its a black man wearing a Yamaka in the middle of Kwanzaa.

Ahh, its nothing like the sweet revenge from some voodoo boudin (a fat delicious sausage native to Louisiana) to fuck up the banking monopoly that has been carefully planned by elite, blue blood European families for the last 2,000.

It’s like Toussaint L’Overture, Gullah Jack and Marcus Garvey are bouncing with great delight while somewhere in a lavish flat in central London, the spirit of Marie Laveau is congratulating the conjuring, sensual ways of her son, New Orleans born Jay Electronica

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jay Electronica, I approve your penis.

You see most rappers get shot or start some silly beef with other economically irrelevant rappers for street credit. Or the fuck an irrelevant, broke, money-hungry bitch like Kim Kardashian. You, my brother, on the other hand, moulded yourself into a black mambo and went straight for the jugular of oppression. After biting a rich bitch, you gently stroked it to death by wooing a Rothschild with some Zydeco funk from your slave drawers. A Rothschild? In my Denzel Washington’s voice on Training Day, “Myyyy nigga!”

Jay Electronica

Easily you disrupted another 500 years of an economic monopoly by banking families that are the financiers of poverty, the funders of all world wars, and basically, the backers of a destabilized globe.

The torrid love affair between Kate Rothschild and Jay Electronica have the UK rethinking about allowing all these damn Mandingos into London for the Summer Olympics.

Kate Rothschild may come from scumbags who raped folks like the ancestors of Electronica, but you see, true gentlemen get the panties willingly. And I can attest, my grandfather laid them down too in Louisiana.

I mean if Electronica, the son of folk who cut sugarcane and barely got out of the projects to escape Katrina, can capture the heart of a high bred like Kate, the “true British” have no idea what they have signed up for when the rest of the descendants of slaves and colonized Africans land onto the Queen’s soil.

I think I have an uncle that can re-route the Queen too, all for a good cause. Fuck niggas in Paris, it’s them niggas in London you gotta watch. While Hovah and Yeezy are licking ass and doing these crazy masonic rituals to plow through rundown chicks like Beyonce and Amber rose, you, Electronica are replenishing the black and brown wealth that sits under the true throne.

You see, there was a reason why I always loved Erykah Badu. She taught you well.

Kate Rothschild & Ben Goldsmith

Oh by way, Jay Electronica’s music is the shit. And Jay, bring your ass back to the US before they lynch you until you’ll only be some mere evidence in the rap game like “Exhibit A”.