Dr Bernice King Embarrassed by MLK Twerking Party Flyers

When Dr. Bernice King – the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. – was shown images of her father being used in club and event promotions, she shook her head in disbelief. The flyers were shown to her by Atlanta’s Fox 5, and her response (though subdued) was one of great disappointment, as it should have been. Not particularly because Martin Luther King Jr. was indeed her father. But more so because it’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not take a bullet to the chin to be revered in such a way.

dr-bernice-king-martin-luther-king-jr-twerking--flyer“This imagery thing is just appalling, and it’s almost embarrassing,” Dr. King remarked. “For me, as his daughter, it’s like ‘wow’, I lost a father who sacrificed everything for them to live a much more dignified and respectful life, and for it to come to this makes me sad,” King concluded.

I don’t know whether Martin Luther King Jr. ever stepped one foot inside a night club or jook joint back in the day. In the video above, his daughter mentions that he would frequent pool halls to bring young folks into the movement. But that said, even as watered down as his famous Dream Speech is today, I doubt whether MLK’s dream involved twerkin’ it up in a setting where more than likely — as is often the case — somebody will get shot, or a fight may break out. No, I doubt very seriously whether that was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s idea of a good time. But hey, white girls are twerkin’, so the struggle continues, yes? Real Talk: the letters K-I-N-G in the word twerking doesn’t make this cool.