Don Imus Defends Hank Williams Jr.’s Hitler-Obama Comment

I haven’t written about this Hank Williams Jr. thing before  now, because, well, what more is needed to be said about a drunk Redneck. My apologies to my faithful Redneck readers; my use of the “R-Word” was meant as a term of endearment; yes, I have a lot of Redneck friends, and I’m even thinking of changing my name to Bocephus Jenkins. Yeah I know, sounds crazy; but, I do live in Tennessee myself.

So anywhichaways, lemme go on record and say that I saw the Hank Williams Jr. clip on Fox & Friends and I laughed. No seriously; I wasn’t offended, and yes, I laughed. I dunno, but my inner Jew didn’t see a problem with his analogy. Truth be tld, I totally got what he was saying. Sure him continuing the conversation to say that Obama was the enemy was kinda silly; but, to the knuckle-dragging, moon-howling crowd, he is. No big surprise there. But yet some of you see this as racist.

I’m sorry, but I don’t.

Now, what doesn’t really help my stance is that Don Imus of all people is defending Hank. Imus if you remember has a certain fetish for female college basketball players with underarm hair. Yeah, he went public with it on live radio, and well, you know the rest. Uh-huh, people got mad, he got the boot, and somehow he’s back on the air to defend Hank Williams Jr. Yeah, how’s that for dramatic irony, folks? Yeah I know, shit is crazy, right? Yep, what’s that thing about birds of a feather again?

I’m not sure if Hank has any problems with Imus defending him and his “bad analogy”. Hell, I doubt he even really cares either way. I think he meant what he said, and he is still sticking to his conviction that Obama is the enemy. And nothing is wrong with that if you ask me. Hell, me personally I’m not too find of the Tea Party supporters like Judson Phillips and what they believe, but I respect their right to express their bigoted hate-filled opinions feelings about president Obama. Hell, and who cares about the sincerity of Hank’s apology. I’m pretty sure his BET fan-base doesn’t care.

This is America, folks; you do have the right to free speech and expression. Yes I know that their are consequences attached to certain things you say; however, I wonder if this would be such a “big deal” if Hank said that Obama and Boehner playing golf was similar to Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Grand Wizard of the KKK hanging out, or talking about old times since we’re post-racial now.

I mean, you tell me.