Accidental Racist: Brad Paisley, LL Cool J, & Mending Fences

Accidental Racist: Brad Paisley, LL Cool J, & Mending Fences. Yes, we have a problem to discuss.

In this episode of Madness & Reality Radio we discuss the new and controversial song, Accidental Racist by Country music star Brad Paisley. Since its release the dong has sparked much controversy; and its lyrics and, message, and intent has been questioned by many. No strangers to controversy, we break it down on everything that’s wrong with the song, its message, and the subsequent discussion as it relates to slavery and racism in America. Personally, I think in the interest of racial solidarity, though well-intentioned, the song sends a horrible message — yes, it does.

Now watch the video:

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LL-COOL-J-BRAD-PAISLEY-ACCIDENTAL-RACIST1Clearly the song misrepresents the fetish or the novelty that is “Southern Pride” as expressed by White southerners. Never mind LL Cool J’s cooning and tap dancing in Blackface, aside from that, the song is just horrible; and, it’s absolutely the wrong way to have a conversation on racism. In this episode I speak with community activist, educator, and rapper NYOIL. We discussed his “Accidental Racist” diss track, “What The Hell (The LL Cool J Intervention)“, and his reasons for going hard at LL Cool J in his song, as well as the implications of such a misguided message. We were also joined by Professor Anthea Butler of the University of Pennsylvania (frequent contributor on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and author)) to give some historical context to the discussion, as well as her initial reactions and what it means for all. On this episode, we’ll pull no punches like always. Click the player below to listen to our discussion. My hope is that you’ll be enlightened, entertained, and interested in mending fences.