5 Reasons Daredevil is Marvel’s Best TV Series



Daredevil sent a lot of ripples and waves before its premiere. For one, anybody that read Daredevil during the 1980’s (like I did) was going to be excited. When the trailers came out, the excitement began to build. After the announcement of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, viewers would have to take this series seriously. You have to admit that D’Onofrio is par excellence when it comes to characters with issues. Thus, time was drawing near for the premiere of Daredevil for pace setters and binge watchers alike.

Still, there was a lot of situations to overcome. For one, Daredevil (the Netflix series) would have to erase the remnants of Daredevil (the horribly done movie). Then, there is the loyal following that Marvel has built to consider. Since the release of Iron Man and subsequent Avengers affiliated movies, people have high expectations for the movies. Even the Agents of SHIELD TV show is bringing in quality viewership. In short, this recent rendition of Daredevil had some big shoes to fill.

Well, after my binge weekend of watching season one, I must say that the show is everything I desired for the show.

Daredevil 5 Reasons of Greatness

There are five particular things that actually make this show worth the effort and time of watching attentively:

1.) The Use of Quality Hyper-violence: the fight scenes presented on this series is some of the best you are going to find this side of The Raid. If you don’t believe me, peep the fight scene where he is rescuing the little boy. For three to six minutes, you get to see a lot going on with the use of camera shots using a panoramic view. Some things have to be seen for themselves.

2.) Daredevil gets realistic: Once you have been through the series, you begin to notice how flawed and mortal Daredevil is. Of course, there is the reference to his “heightened senses” that give him an advantage over many others. However, he made a lot of costly mistakes that kept him banged up. If it wasn’t for Claire Temple Rosario Dawson, he would probably had bled out in that garbage can. And the Rosario Dawson Claire Temple references leads to the next awesome reason.

3.) The Easter Eggs: there are quite a few Easter eggs to be seen on this show. From the reference to the big intergalactic fight of the Avenger’s movie (Ben Urich wrote about it) toStan Lee making a pictoral appearance as a cop in a picture, these hidden messages and nerdy references only increased the show’s lore. With all the mentioned references, expect to see more characters coming up (The Hand, Stilt Man, Elektra, Bullseye, K’un L’un, Steel Serpent, etc.).

Daredevil 5Daredevil 4Daredevil 2

4.) The characterization was highly believable and consistent: Daredevil is the hero of the people with apparent daddy issues. Foggy Nelson is the tag along friend that basks in Matt Murdock alpha male glow. Karen Page is the female damsel-in-distressed-turned-helping hand-secretary. The main characters seem dynamic enough to never become boring. Yet, they are realistic enough to be believable. And these characteristics lead to the final reason for greatness.

Daredevil 3

5.) The most compelling character is the show’s main antagonist: Kingpin, by far, is the character that pushes the show to unexpected heights. In the comic, he is quite the enormously character with a brooding presence to match. However, the show added unexpected layers of humanity to him. You found him to be easily shy, reserved, and awkward as much as you saw him as the murderous nigh-untouchable tyrant of the streets. A loveable mamma’s boy became the enraged man-plague with a penchant for city saving tyranny this side of Dr. Doom? Who would have ever thought?

Daredevil Epilogue

Anyone that enjoys the Marvel Universe should put Daredevil at the top of their list. With august characterization, encouraging references, and impressively violent action, this show is growing a swift following. Some may not want to believe in the hype. However, Daredevil is not a hype machine. It is a show dealing with a gritty superhero relying on his wits and senses with no fear.