Running the Red Light: Sex On My Period? Err, Some Men Like When Aunt Flow Visits…

This topic has so many taboos that even I, Queen of the Non-Taboo, clutches her pearls while poaching this subject. After all, women and men have been conditioned by religion and our male dominated society to all but ignore the subject. The resulting ignorance and old world Victorian morals causes us all to disregard something that such an important and routine part of humanity that it affects each and every one of us.

I think all young girls have an arsenal of reasons they offer to those guys trying to convince them to have sex on the various reasons to why it is they can’t don’t want to have sex.


*Clothing removal/bare skin action*

*Heavy breathing/hand movement in downward direction*

>>>>The record comes to a screeching halt<<<<

Him: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Him: “Okay, did I do something wrong?”

Me: “No…I…have my……um…..I have girl problems”

Him: “Girl..problems”

*I shuffle my feet and blurt out*


*hangs head in defeat*

The bad part about this light hearted re-enactment is that this conversation could have taken place over twenty years ago or it could have been yesterday.

My point, is that when it comes to….*clears throat* a woman’s…….period the very discussion of the red stuff causes most women to turn blue. And don’t most men run…away…fast…………? I’ve heard your jokes!

Now, I know it’s not just me and I know that I’ve been conditioned to disconnect and be ashamed and feel dirty. i also know (and taught my daughter) that it’s a natural part of being a woman and it’s biology and blah blah blah..socio-political-patriarchal teachings got my head fucked up and all that, yeah, yeah, yeah.


So you understand where I’m coming from when I say it weirds me out STILL when men want to have sex during my period.

And it’s not like this is a new thing in my life as I have always had the sex drive of a 17 year old boy and was just as likely to have a choice male or two on speed dial for friendly romps in the sheets back then as I am now.

I LOVE to screw…like a bunny rabbit!! And there are certain times during the month when I….*sigh* smell…a certain way or so I’ve been told. Like Sooki in True Blood, I smell, really, really good. I presumed they mean the FDS that I apply in paranoia during this time of the month.

I am soooo hormonal, and even hornier right before my period. Back then now I would often hunt a man down and drag him home to abuse before it’s ‘too late’.

Something about my body feels alive and sensitive and needy right before my period and so I grab a warm body if I don’t already have one at arm’s reach.

Eager to get my rocks off, I’m very aggressive and effortlessly multi-orgasmic, I will ride him for as long as he stays erect. I will use every last sex trick I know to keep him hard…I use him.

I can’t help myself sometimes.

It’s like I’m hungry.

I’ll unabashedly masturbate while screwing him and enjoy every last sensation he has for the taking.

Changing positions, reverse cowgirl, flexing my back and rolling my hips so that his dick beats against my G-Spot….a certain way…at a certain angle….and hope I don’t scare him from coming back again. #VooDooDoll

I do all of this right before my period.  I go into heat before I ovulate and right before my period. Since forever.

My orgasm are so crazy; the spasms relax the PMS ache in my back. I’m tired and spent and more than happy to fold up quietly next to my lover and doze off. As we untangle ourselves from the sheets, it is then when I would see it…..a big red spot that now matches the color of my flushed with embarrassed cheeks.

I’m mortified that I drowned my lover in blood. Even if it’s only a little. It’s an accident I try to avoid; I don’t want to freak a man out though it seems that I’m the one freaking out more than anyone I’ve ever gotten dirty.

I did once do a Helter Skelter on a guy and he did look like he was about to panic once we realized what happened in my bedroom mirror. Considering he had blood on every inch of his face and body I’ll say he handled it pretty well.

Back in the day when I had to sneak around to get some it would always be a big ass disappointment for me to discover my *sigh* period was on right before I was about to jump on some well maneuvered dick.

It way back when that I returned to my lover and offered him the bad news;  me thinking all bets are off..until the one day it wasn’t. It didn’t take much to convince me to have sex with a towel and the promise that he’ll be real careful and not fuck up my mattress. It wasn’t so bad; it was better than that. It was…okay/different/not bad.

And then I met a man who made a point of letting me know that if we moved past the dating phase there was NO NEED to abstain from sex with him because he doesn’t mind a little red stuff.

Which was weird….weird like the other guy who said he didn’t mind if I didn’t shower before sex.

As in, the bloodier the better……if you’ll be so kind.

Then there is one particular guy who comes to mind who not only didn’t mind taking what I had to offer with some ‘sauce’ on the side he would ravish me as often as he got the chance to. I’ve long gotten comfortable with everything else that normally goes on during sex during my period; the touching; the feeling; the slurping. I’m okay with all of that.

We can easily work around the messy bits- towels and a little care can work wonders for such occasions. I’ll fuck you sideways…#nopun

But this on here….he buries his face between my legs with not a care in the world, and not just that one time but every time we managed to get together and I had ‘girl problems’ after that. He ate me like a motha fuckin champ!! Better than when I wasn’t bleeding, or am I imaging things…it was weird. But the feeling of his mouth on me and the thought of how nasty we were being at the moment caused me to come so hard my screams shook the walls of the room. He lifted his head then and grabbed me by my head as he tongued me down…triumphantly?

So something else is going on here besides bath towels, light days and tolerance. Let’s talk about this…have we neglected to communicate with each other in some way about the period cooch?

Do some men actually like when Aunt Flow comes over? I know it makes me feel great to orgasm and cuddle with someone during my period but what you about guys…are you taking one for the team simply for our benefit?

I know orgasms help cramps and my mood, so I’m greatly appreciative of the endorphin’s and back rubs if so. S/O to the know who you are! 

Answer me people! Is running a red light something that a grown man just has to come to terms with? Or is my friend @trillytrills just a freak? Who knew? He’s seems so innocent! 

How awesome is he to help out women folk with this hang up? Anything that helps people men have better sex and women less stress is definitely worth the efforts, don’t you agree?

So let a sister know so I can get over my OWN socio-economical-patriarchal-Victorian morality ways or at least try to.

Save me while I still have a chance!