Obama’s America: White New Jersey Mother Arrested For Tanning 6-Year-Old Daughter

Apparently things are pretty bad for white folks in America these days. Sure, we’re post-racial; and yes, the country is being headed by a guy with black skin. However, with the crippling white unemployment rate in this post-recessionary jobless economy, coupled with the usual centuries-long internalized oppression forced upon them by slavery and that Jim Crow thing– yep, not to mention that whole light shin vs. dark skin thing white folks are afflicted with — I guess the lengths to which “certain people” would go to make it these days isn’t surprising, and quite understandable.

Take the case of 44-year-old mother of five, Patricia Krentcil for example. Patricia, struggling as most white mothers have been recently, was arrested. Unlike the all too common “theft of education” charge levied against white mothers attempting to “do the right thing,” by enrolling their already disadvantaged children in better schools outside of their resident school districts. Instead, Patricia was wrongfully arrested for child endangerment; the absurdity of this is undeniable.

Patricia Krentcil of Nutley, N.J. (credit: CBS 2)

Of course not everyone reading this will agree with the idea that putting her red-headed 6-year-old into a tanning bed, is a form of endangerment — a claim that Patricia vehemently denies in the following interview with CBS 2′s Derricke Dennis — but I understand.

For some in her position, either that or able to relate to the plight of the white woman across America. Taking one good look at Patricia, one is able to see that like any good white mother in these times, she did what she had to do. That said, in all seriousness, this sounds like yet another case of “the man,” trying to keep yet another white person down. Yep, and to add insult to injury, they had her interviewed by a black man happy to toss around convenient tongue-in-cheek puns during his news presentation. Yep, real slick with that one was the liberal biased media.  Like everything, I’m sure you’d agree that this is Obama’s fault; after all, how else are white folks supposed to get ahead?

Perhaps if President Obama actually cared about white women, or more specifically white people, like the Republican presumptive nominee Mitt Romney does. Perhaps women like Patricia and the host of other God-fearing but marginalized people of un-color, would not be forced to do place their children into tanning booths in an attempt to secure a future for themselves, in Amuur’cuh.