New York Private School Feels “Bad” Poor People Can’t Afford Quality Education


I almost feel conflicted writing this post. I’m suffering from Catholic guilt!

As a child of the parochial school system of New Jersey I am familiar with the constant outstretched hand that plagues the financing administration of most parochial schools.

At first glace you might actually share my empathy for the financial whoa of those little Catholic school systems that provided education and community to any and all in the spirit of Christian missionaries in New York and New Jersey area.

Dry your eyes, Baby. Because this ain’t that.

In the latest example of the disillusioned wealthy and how they piss off working class people with their privileged bullshit I bring you the curious case of The Riverdale Country School in New York City that recently upped their annual tuition price tag to over $40,000.

Are you shocked!?

Wait! Not yet.

Because Riverdale is one of several schools in New York whose tuition is even more expensive than a year at HARVARD UNIVERSITY.

What’s the justification for the insane tuition?

Profits of course!

But you won’t hear that from them.

And as rich folks do when pressed about their greed the school’s representatives nearly all gave the same answer. In the typical feigned empathy style of ‘deny, deny, deny…and appear to be just like one of  the regular people’  when questioned about the massive increase in tuition during these free falling economic time the administrator of the Riverdale School said he doesn’t want it to be this way either.

They all want you to believe that they’re just as bothered by the rising costs of tuition as the public is.

Dominic A.A. Randolph, the head of Riverdale Country School, said he was “perturbed” by the ever-increasing costs of education.

“The question is, when does it stop?” said George Davison, the head of school at Grace Church School, which will charge $34,800 next year, a 6% increase.

But explain to me how the administrator (read: owner) of the school is ‘perturbed’ by his own decision to raise the cost of tuition at his school? I get confused too but never like that.

“Even though you may have found yourself with enough people to pay the tuition, you may find yourself with a very different population in your school than you want to have,” said John Allman, head of school at Trinity, another elite private school. “We think it’s increasingly difficult for families across a socioeconomic spectrum to consider Trinity as a viable economic option.”

These schools have never been an option for working class people and that’s okay. As a private school they have the right to allow whomever they chose and by whatever means they chose in determining who will attend their schools.

Surly the rise in tuition will affect the attendance of the school; the purpose of an unreachable cost of admission to the ‘boys club’ is simply to keep those who are deemed not worthy from gaining entrance into privilege. That’s obvious and working class people are aware of the practice.

But what’s not okay is for people like John Allman to have the audacity to blow smoke up the pubic’s ass when questioned about their business’s practices.

The good part is that I’ve been noticing an increase in the amount of stories like this that analyze and deconstruct the misinformation and manufactured perceptions that the elite employ to keep the public ignorant.

If more people would challenge the lies we are fed then maybe we can move to a place where the public can earn back their self demanding it.

I mean, as far as I know, thinly veiled lies are transparent and if you’re willing to open your eyes you can see through them.