Josh Brown, Domestic Violence, & How the NY Giants are Trash

Domestic violence is one of those issues that has always bothered me. I never understood the purpose of a man beating on a woman (ever). I really never understood the sanity behind a woman abusing a man. Still, it happens on a daily basis. As the days go by, there is a woman/man that is the victim of some type of domestic violence. As much as domestic violence never seemed plausible, it still persists in a society that frowns upon it.

Then again, a lot of that frowning is all for show. I am afraid it is all about appearances. Many people want to “act” like they are against domestic violence. With the same mouth they renounced the violence, these people (especially men) will turn around and support the perpetrators. I have seen this many times. Heck, I have had quite a few arguments about the situations with people (see my blog on Floyd Mayweather).

And then, we have Josh Brown.

Josh Brown – NFL Wife Abuser Supreme

If you didn’t know by now, Josh Brown is an admitted domestic abuser. This is a man that admitted to beating the living shit out of his ex-wife. This is a man that had run ins with his ex-wife at the past Pro Bowl. This is the man that the NFL had to make sure that his ex was in separate rooms away from him. This is the man that heavily admitted to his team that he has a problem with beating women.

josh-brown-domestic-violence_800xThis is the man that was still resigned by the team for $4 million dollars despite his domestic violence history.

Yeah, you read this right: after all of this, they still resigned this man.

NFL: The Merry Band of Misogynists

This situation should bother me less because I should be used to it. Greg Hardyhas his issues with domestic violence. Ray Rice couldn’t escape his isolation from the league right after he was caught hitting his wife like she was some man on the street looking for an ass whooping. And there are numerous others that beat their women like Mike Tyson used to beat up opponents. Still, I refuse to get used to a man beating on his woman for any reason outside of self-defense.

And even self-defense won’t make me stop giving the side eye.

So, for all of this to actually occur and there has been barely a blink of an eye makes me realize that the NY Giants, and the NFL as well, are full of shit organizations. Especially the NY Giants.

One would think that the organization would actually be a lot smarter than this. The league has it where these type of actions deserve a six game suspension. That would have been the smarter recourse anyway. Even if Josh Brown would have went into arbitration and fought, at least they would have looked like they went by the book with the situation. Even better, not resigning this man would have been a better course of action. The NY Giants could have saved face by just being smart enough to go by the rule book.

Yet, here we are.

What does it say as an organization that you practically turn a blind eye to a domestic violence situation of this magnitude? Worst than anything, the NFL (and the NY Giants) tried to sweep this under the rug. Yet, many people check under rugs for dirt. And when they see this dirt, they see the abject laziness and carelessness that exists. They see these organizations for what they are: companies that care about their financial bottom line more than they care about being classy.

Josh Brown Should Be Suspended Indefinitely

Just like Ray Rice, Josh Brown shouldn’t even be in the league. Still, we have to consider who we are talking about here. We are talking about the NFL. We all know that the NFL is big on PR and small on meaningful action. So, none of this should surprise me. However, it still bothers me that the league hasn’t smartened up.

Oh, and fuck the NY Giants and fuck Victor Cruz for saying he supports Josh Brown.