Hobby Lobby is People!

Make no mistake about it, the Hobby Lobby lawsuit before the United States Supreme Court is about more than birth control rights for women.

On the surface, the question before the High Court is whether or not a company can deny contraception coverage to women based on religious beliefs. In other words, the Green family which owns Hobby Lobby says forcing them to provide health insurance to employees with contraceptive riders goes against their religion and they should not be forced to do it.

Further, the Green family says that since Hobby Lobby is their business, their family religious beliefs should prevail for their corporate entity as well.

In other words, “my company/my house, I can do what I damn well please!”


What you do in your house is usually your business. Private.

hobby-lobby-supreme-cpurt (1)Your company however, is a different matter. Or used to be until Citizens United four years ago. Citizens United was a very bad Supreme Court decision that granted corporations personhood rights equal to people, meaning corporations have the same rights as people in the public arena.

In the four years of its existence, the Citizens United creation has become a 21st century Frankenstein monster of SUPCO making.

If successful, the Hobby Lobby lawsuit will give that Frankenstein monster the right to exercise religious beliefs against anyone or anything that dares to darken their corporate door.

Think Arizona Law HB1062 vetoed by the governor a few weeks ago on steroids, and in force nationwide.

It is not just about birth control. This lawsuit is about the right to impose personally held beliefs onto people within the public arena. On any given day, you could walk into an ice cream store and be denied service because the guy behind the counter doesn’t like your haircut/hair color/shoes/ skin color…

Whatever, doesn’t matter, their personally held belief about you prevails, legally.

People who don’t like Black people, or women, or lesbians, or Muslims or Jews wouldn’t have to serve or wait on them or even allow them inside their establishments simply because they can.

This is what the Hobby Lobby lawsuit is all about.

The right for bigots to legally discriminate and get away with it.

There is no way to know how the High Court will handle this lawsuit. They upheld Obamacare which seemingly created the situation, elevating women to equality in healthcare with men, while at the same time, giving us the very opposite leaning Citizens United by a narrow 5-4 decision.

Extended oral arguments will be heard today with a decision expected just prior to the June recess.