Hipster Activism: So, Umm, What Happened to Kony 2012?

“What about Bob?”

Funny thing, I have glanced and narrowly missed EVER having seen that 1991 movie, despite the fact that I LOVE Bill Murray’s work. As a fan of all things silly, as it seems to be on the surface, I am shocked at this fact.

The last 2.5 sentences have NOTHING to do with where I am going with this today.

I am somewhat going to talk about Trayvon Martin. Well, specifically, I am going to talk about the people who have come forth to talk about it. I am going to do so without getting into my own opinion of the situation either.

-One play often used by “them” is to put up something of reasonably equal overall importance – which I concede – but ZERO contextual applicability, and then ask “where is the outrage for this?”

-Another has come from both sides, questioning where is this passion for the things that HAVE been happening to black folks all these years.

-The natural question that comes when a ‘black’ issue arises is “what will Obama do?” (answer: nothing… he can have an opinion, but this is not his department in the least).

-“Well, what about [group] that has had to deal with [atrocities], do you just not care about that?”

Kony 2012 Co-founder: Jason Russell

While all (except the subject-changing and “what about the President” ones) have their own specific validity, they all miss the point by doing the same thing themselves, in that they neglect the third party’s right to indifference in the belief that their specific issue should be the most important to everyone.

Don’t believe me? Just one month ago, “Kony 2012” was the hot button hipster activism issue of the moment at the time and I SWEAR I only found out that they’re apparently releasing a “Kony 2012 pt II” while I looked for information while writing this. I guess the scandals involving fleecing peoples’ heartstrings for money and public intoxication/bastermation, added to some activism competition with the whole Trayvon Martin “march for Skittles” rallies caused some lightening of their coffers so they have to go back to the well before they fall too far out of the public’s consciousness.

So now the “what about…” has become “whatever happened to…”

Almost as if the public’s attention span is so low that it is a NECESSITY to have something new for people to get their asses on their shoulders about and the competition – totally enabled by the media on BOTH sides – is to BE that issue.

My favorite “whatever happened to” has been the GOP primaries. Outside of Santorum slipping and coming close to telling us how he really feels about El Presidente, they’ve been quiet.

I guess at the end of the day, I have always found it a bit self-serving and downright pretentious to yell back at people who feel a certain way about something just because they don’t feel that same passion for what you happen to care about at a given time.

Everyone has a right to indifference… Granted, they completely forfeit that right when they decide to be a dick toward people who happen to feel a certain way about it. No one wants to be “that guy,” the one who enters every situation to tell all involved how dumb they are for being involved in it.