Clark Toys vs. Kaepernick: The Colin Kaepernick Saga 2

Due to a “rise in popularity”, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey sales have risen. That’s right, folks: America’s favorite protesting son (of recent) has made the 49ers some more money. Many people are either buying them for sentimental value/support or to actually burn in effigy. Either or, the 49ers will take their love/hate all the way to the bank. This situation is capitalism at its best.

And yet, there is one particular situation that is capitalism at its worst.

kaepernick_toys_670xClark Toys, a licensed toy manufacturer for many sports associations, did not take kindly to Kaepernick’s position. Maybe it was patriotism. Maybe it was the color of his skin. I can’t call the reasoning behind their actions. However, they did not agree with Colin or the protest that he took on. Thus, they sold hisfigurine for a steep discount.

In fact, the figurine was free. All the purchaser had to do was pay shipping. But, it wasn’t the price that was the biggest shocker. It was the coupon code that one had to put in to purchase the figurine: DOUCHEBAG.

Yeah, that’s right America: a toy seller took issue with a football player’s position on something personal to THEM and made it their own issue by labeling him a douchebag.

Order confirmation

Order arrival…

Behold! The figurines have arrived!!!

At first, I thought that this was a hoax or a bad joke gone awry on Facebook. So, I took the time to actually try and make a purchase. With very little delay, my purchase went through. And a couple of days later, all four of my Colin Kaepernick figurines came in the mail. I think this entire process, from purchase to delivery, took about 3-4 days tops. Thus, there was no hoax: Clark Toys was offering up Colin Kaepernick merchandise for fire sale prices because of his stance.

And I say that’s mighty trash of them.

Clark Toys Was Wrong

Here is the problem that this situation brings up quite too often in America: too many people personalize the actions of others way too much. As soon as someone says something that isn’t don’t like/agreed with, people take on these extreme actions in response. It happens on Facebook every day. Someone says something disagreeable, then they are blocked. Someone believes in something another doesn’t, then people unfriend them. Now, we have taken this idealism of groupthink to the face of capitalism?

And that is quite juvenile once you think about it with an open mind.

This is where much of society has gone in an erroneous direction. People aren’t trying to understand those that they don’t agree with. Instead, they are working hard to silence and shun them. It would be one thing if Colin Kaepernick was a murderer, woman beater, or rapist. Then the actions of Clark Toys would be understood. However, Colin is nothing more than a man demonstrating for the sake of oppressed people. Somehow, that message was lost between the points of comprehension and personalizing the actions of others.

Flat out: Clark Toys was wrong. Also, as much as Colin is selling right now, they could have easily made some more money.

Clark Toys Epilogue

Clark Toys took the bold route and decided to demonstrate their “protest” through capitalistic measures. The only problem is that a company, unless the other person is absolutely wrong, should rarely take a stand against another person’s rights and beliefs. Instead, they took a position. And now, they have proven themselves to be overly sensitive and frivolous. Then again, maybe they will sell the new Funko of Colin Kaepernick with the Huey Newton afro.

I HOPE there is a Funko figurine of Kaepernick coming with the afro, right? Right???