Can We Agree that Nobody Deserves to Die for Being Gay?


In the wake of what we now know to be the worst mass shooting in American history, we can agree that nobody needs to be shot and killed for the simple reason of being gay. If you’re a Christian homophobe like some of my right-wing friends, you may be of the opinion that, even as a Muslim, Omar Mateen was simply doing the Lord’s work.

I must admit, it’s funny watching people who don’t give a damn about gay people trying to spin this shooting for mere ideological expedience given that the shooter was Muslim. And yes, that means you, so-called Christian conservatives. The truth is that many of you are not supportive of full rights for members of the LGBT community. In fact, many of my conservative friends are of the opinion that what happened to the patrons of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, was a matter of gay people “reaping what they sow,” as expressed by the Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick.

Naturally, when your homophobia peddles the notion that transgender people are raping kids in public bathrooms on top of other lies, this is what you get. Yep, nothing like politicians stoking fears and watching the irrational actions of the ignorant play itself out. This time, it’s a gay club. What will it be next? Lord forbid if it’s an elementary school, a movie theater, or even a Wednesday night Bible study.

What Omar Mateen did at the Pulse nightclub resulted in a perfect confluence of hate, irrational thought, and gun ownership. His action was an act of hate. However, in order to impose his will, it required what logical people would consider irrational. Hence his decision to purchase the weapons used within a week of enacting his rage.

It’s really no more complicated than this, folks. Mind you, hate isn’t actually a bad thing. Depending on what you hate, it’s actually a good thing. I mean, I hate racism, racists, and JaRule. But, I have no plans on murdering anyone racist or anyone with the name Jeffrey Atkins. And, that’s because I possess no irrational thoughts about racists or certain rappers. So see, it’s not just about guns or any particular religion. After all, there are many people who subscribe to religion who happen to own guns who rationally opt out on killing anyone out of pure hate.

omar-mateen-gay-nightclub-shooter_1_650xThere are people who deserve to die by virtue of doing shit that can kill them. Like, taking a selfie with a rattlesnake; or, going surfing in the middle of a hurricane. And yes, those were incidents of utter human stupidity that led to death. But, being in a gay nightclub isn’t one of them. Outside of being someone with a deranged ex-lover, nobody gay or straight deserves to be killed for who they choose to love.

In all seriousness, I’d like to think that the safest place for a gay person would be in a gay nightclub. Not that a gay person can’t or will not bust another gay person in the head in said club. For me, it’s just that it’s probably the safest place where someone gay can openly have fun in public without being subjected to the hatred of straight people.

The victims in that nightclub in Orlando – and, I imagine that some of the victims were straight – didn’t deserve to die. Nobody deserves to die like that. Not even anyone’s worst enemy. The blatant disregard for human life – whether gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, or queer – must end.