5 Things to Learn From the Bullying of Jamie Kapp

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others. We should all be aware of how it works (in the US). Often times, it says more about the intimidator than the intimidated. That coercion will either be an issue of lack of true power (envy of some sort) or lack of understanding (resentment). With all that understood, bullying is just outward aggression misplaced from someone’s own individual failures.

The failure that Jamie Kapp had to deal with dwelled within the realm of “lack of intellect” and “lack of integrity”.

Jamie is a young lady that illustrated a profound piece dealing with her own understanding of white privilege. She tried to make it as open, well read, and honest as possible. She even included statistics to assist in what she was talking about. Still, there were plenty of detractors. While she tried really hard to be objective about the situation, many people didn’t take too well to what she was saying.

Jamie Kapp1


So much so that she had to virtually leave the internet because she was receiving death threats and hate mail, causing her to shut down her social media communication.

Yeah, I said it: a simple, opinionated Buzzfeed/Tumblr post made enough waves that she received hate mail and death threats.

Is this the poppycock, bullshit type of society that we actually live in?

After reading about this situation, there are five things that I took away from it all:

1.)    The internet is still the mask for the “keyboard coward”: We all know the type of person that I am referring to. They will make as many obscene gestures on the internet as possible. They will send the hate mail. They will send the death threats. They will everything to be nasty, disrespectful, and condescending to another person just because they (the aggressor) DON’T AGREE with their opposition.

How pathetic is that?

2.)        Some White people still aren’t ready to have a mature discussion about race: I know that the previous statement has become the beaten dead horse. Personally, it has gotten to the point where many Black people wear the horse leather for reminder. Yet, the only reason why this happens is that so many of the Caucasian persuasion persist on passing the buck when it comes to situations they don’t want any responsibility/participation in. Instead of an honest dialogue (whether it be profound or confounded), we have to deal with denial and disillusionment.

Yet, so many White people wonder why some Black people have become sickened by these situations.

3.)    The cartoon was refreshing because it was, more than anything, honest: What you witnessed within the cartoon was a young lady that bore her soul and drew some conclusions about herself and society. Whether she spelled receive correctly or even used correct statistics isn’t the biggest draw. The biggest draw is that someone actually poked their head out in the line of fire. As much as people want to take away from her message, Jamie’s uprightness will always be the lone star in a starless solar system filled with Caucasian refutation.

4.)    It is time of us to have an honest dialogue about race, racism, and the systematic structures that exist in our society: The biggest problem is that we, as Americans, suck at having honest, progressive dialogue. We are the masters of finger-pointing and scoffing responsibility. However, if you asked that same finger pointer about their responsibility, there is a change that they will flat out deny it. Some even place the blame on someone else or deflect the situation into irrelevant waters.

5.)    Racism will never end in this country if people keep denying the obvious: Many of the issues deal with simple acknowledgment of the truth for what it is. However, too many people either want to escape that truth or act like it doesn’t matter. Many different cultures have hardcore beliefs in self-perseverance and hard work. This is fine. Conversely, some people have had helping hands and systems that keep them afloat.

I would like to honor Jamie Kapp for having the simple bravery to take on the scrutiny. It takes a truly valiant person to look within oneself and see where thing went wrong.

I applaud you.

Oh, and if anybody has any death threats, hate mail, or anything like to send to me you can go right ahead. I’m fromGary, Indiana. I don’t scare easy.

You have been warned.

[Originally posted at Chocolate Covered Lies]